Two The Quintessential Quintuplets Visual Novels Will Launch in the West on May 23

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The Quintessential Quintuplets: Memories of a Quintessential Summer and The Quintessential Quintuplets: Five Memories Spent With You visual novels, which were originally released in Japan in 2021 and 2022, will arrive in the west on May 23, 2024 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. 

As spotted by Gematsu, the upcoming digital western release includes a Double Pack bundle with both games. 

The respective descriptions of the titles are:

The Quintessential Quintuplets: Memories of a Quintessential Summer

It’s summer vacation! Futaro (voiced by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka) and his younger sister Raiha (voiced by Natsumi Takamori) have been invited to the quintuplets’ private island. But a sudden storm turns what was supposed to be a three-day, two-night vacation into two weeks of survival!

What fate awaits in this edge-of-your-seat island adventure with the quintuplets?

The five heroines are fully voiced by popular Japanese voice actors: Ichika Nakano (VA: Kana Hanazawa), Nino Nakano (VA: Ayana Taketatsu), Miku Nakano (VA: Miku Ito), Yotsuba Nakano (VA: Ayane Sakura), and Itsuki Nakano (VA: Inori Minase)!

The game is also packed with newly drawn illustrations created specifically for the game!
Enjoy visuals of the heroines in their swimsuits and wedding dresses, and the various expressions they show during their days on the island.

The Quintessential Quintuplets: Five Memories Spent With You

Ichika Nakano, Nino Nakano, Miku Nakano, Yotsuba Nakano, and Itsuki Nakano are going on a graduation trip to Okinawa with protagonist Futaro Uesugi (VA: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka) and his younger sister Raiha (VA: Natsumi Takamori).
In preparation for a long-distance relationship after graduation, Futaro wants to restate his feelings to the girl he confessed to.
His goal is to kiss her during a graduation trip.
What will become of their love?

Image source: PlayStation Store

Both visual novels were developed by MAGES and are being published in the west by Spike Chunsoft. Their Japanese titles are Gotoubun no Hanayome∬ ~Natsu no Omoide mo Gotoubun~ and Eiga Gotoubun no Hanayome ~Kimi to Sugoshita Itsutsu no Omoide~, respectively. Gotoubun no Hanayome∬ is the stylized Japanese title for the anime’s second season, while Eiga Gotoubun no Hanayome  is the Japanese name for The Quintessential Quintuplets anime movie.

MAGES also developed 2023’s The Quintessential Quintuplets: Goto Pazu Story and The Quintessential Quintuplets: Kanojo to Kawasu Itsutsu no Yakusoku, as well as the upcoming The Quintessential Quintuplets: Goto Pazu Story 2nd.

Source: Gematsu

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