Anime Trending Launches Global eCommerce Shop with New Mascot

Anime Trending celebrates the 10th anniversary of its founding with a brand new mascot and the launching of its global eCommerce shop, the Anime Trending Store!

Earlier that week, the mascot was teased on X (formerly Twitter) and slowly unveiled with subsequent retweets and like reactions. Now, she appears to be a bright young girl who looks forward to interacting with fans all across the globe. Her outfit reflects the current gamer culture with her oversized zip up jacket, black techwear t-shirt, and sleek thigh high socks with orange accents. 

Additional information will be revealed in the nearby future, but her profile currently reads: 

  • • Age: 23
  • • Height: 160 cm
  • Blood Type: AB

Coinciding with the the reveal of the mascot, the Anime Trending Shop now live with worldwide shipping. It currently features items from her apparel — such as the zip up jackets, techwear t-shirts, and thigh high socks — accessories like bucket hats and gamer sleeves, and additional merchandise of the mascot as a chibi charm or an acrylic standee. 

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