INTERVIEW: LiSA Discusses Her Return to The Irregular at Magic High School Anime Series with Latest Single “Shouted Serenade”

© LiSA, Milan Records

Japanese pop rock and Anisong superstar LiSA returns to The Irregular at Magic High School anime series with her latest single, “Shouted Serenade,” which is used as the third season’s opening theme. Her earlier track, “Rising Hope,” served as the opening theme for the anime’s first season back in 2014. 

LiSA has contributed many iconic anime themes over the years, with massive hits such as “Gurenge” for the first season of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba andCrossing Field” for the first half of Sword Art Online, just to name a few. She also performed the Japanese theme song “REALiZE” for Spider Man: Across the Spider Verse last year, and presented at this year’s Crunchyroll Anime Awards. 

lisa shouted serenade single artwork
© LiSA, Milan Records

Before embarking on her upcoming “Smile Always” Asia Tour, Anime Trending had a chance to interview LiSA via email and ask her about the theme of “Shouted Serenade,” her return to the franchise, and what makes her newest single so special. 

What was your initial reaction when you were asked to perform the opening theme song again for The Irregular at Magic High School?

I was very honored to be asked to sing the theme song for The Irregular at Magic High School, especially after a 10-year absence. I hope to share with the fans how both myself and this work have developed and grown in those years.

What’s the theme of this new song?

This song is about how even when you have grown up a little bit and have more friends than before, you still have many dreams that you want to shout about and make come true.

How does the song reflect the story of the third season’s first arc?

Even now as an adult, my music still reflects the same spirit of continuing to challenge myself that I’ve had since those early days.

Could you share your favorite line/lyrics from the song?

I like the lyric: “I want to make happy the world I live on with you.” I wrote this phrase at the very beginning of the songwriting process.

Have you been keeping up with the show? How have your thoughts about the story and characters changed from then to now?

When I was first involved in the production 10 years ago, I felt the same way as the main character, Tatsuya, who is called an “Irregular Student.” As I watched the show, I felt myself growing up again seeing  myself gradually becoming an adult through various scenes and storylines.

How does your newest song compare to your previous single for the anime series “Rising Hope?”

“Shouted Serenade” is a song that challenged me to evolve further from “Rising Hope,” which was a song of frustration made with the same creators. For this track, the song, lyrics, and singing became even harder. 

What makes “Shouted Serenade” a unique song and what do you hope your listeners will take away after listening to it?

Arriving 10 years after “Rising Hope,” “Shouted Serenade” has become a special song that could only be created with the passage of time. I hope it will become a theme song for all those who continue to challenge themselves while trying to reach their dreams and hopes.  

You’ve performed many anime theme songs over the years. How do you make sure a new song matches the anime’s overall tone and resonates with audiences?

I tried to create a song with a magical sound, a sense of speed that would thrill the audience, and a story that would make their hearts flutter as they continue to take on new challenges over time.

Do you have a message for your fans and those who are watching The Irregular at Magic High School Season 3?

I hope that everyone will enjoy the story of these students who continue to challenge themselves with all their might, even as time goes by.

Special thanks to Sony Music Entertainment Japan and Milan Records for the opportunity.

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