A Figure of Ubel from Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Can Now Be Pre-ordered From GoodSmile US

©Kanehito Yamada, Tsukasa Abe/Shogakukan/ "Frieren"Project

GoodSmile US has announced the opening of pre-orders for a figure of Ubel, the dangerous green-haired mage from Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End who easily stood out among the examinees of the first-class mage exam.

The Ubel figure, which is part of Sega Plaza’s Desktop x Decorate Collections line, features the character’s trademark smirk and gives her a casual, somewhat playful-feeling pose. It costs US$25.99 and is estimated to be shipped to Canada and the United States in Q1 2025. 

You can view more screenshots of the Ubel figure on the GoodSmile US online store. Its dimensions are 2.36 x 6.69 inches, and the material is PVC.

Source: @GoodSmile_US

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