Bocchi the Rock!’s Kessoku Band To Rock at Rock in Japan Festival 2024

Image source: @rockinon_com

The beloved Kessoku Band from Bocchi the Rock! will perform at the upcoming Rock in Japan Festival 2024 on August 4.

Yoshino Aoyama (voice of Hitori Gotoh), Sayumi Suzushiro (voice of Nijika Ijichi), Saku Mizuno (voice of Ryo Yamada), and Ikumi Hasegawa (voice of Ikuyo Kita) will take the stage as vocalists. Handling the instruments are Ritsuo Mitsui and akkin as guitarists, Yuichi Takama as bassist, and Yuya Ishii as drummer.

rockin’on, the organizer of the festival, is also featuring Kessoku Band on the cover of the June 2024 issue of its CUT magazine (which is where the feature image above is taken from).

Rock in Japan Festival 2024 will run from August 3 to 4 and from August 10 to 12 with Chiba’s Soga Sports Park as the venue. The artist lineup for August 4 includes KANA-BOON, Airi Suzuki, ZUTOMAYO, HYDE, and LisA.

August is also the release month for Bocchi the Rock! Re:Re:, the second part of the Bocchi the Rock! compilation movie. Part 1, Bocchi the Rock! Re:, premieres in Japan on June 7, while Re:Re: will get its start on August 9.

In early May, it was announced that Kessoku Band will embark on the “We Will” Zepp Tour 2024, with the first stop being Zepp Osaka Bayside on September 8 and the last stop being Zepp Fukuoka on December 22.

Sources: Bocchi the Rock! website, Comic Natalie

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