Secretlab Reveals Rengoku and Shinobu Demon Slayer Chairs

Secretlab is expanding its line of Demon Slayer products with Kyojuro Rengoku- and Shinobu Kocho-inspired Secretlab TITAN Evo chairs, as well as Rengoku and Shinobu Edition Secretlab SKINS.

Both the Rengoku and Shinobu Edition TITAN Evo chairs incorporate the designs of the Hashiras’ respective haoris on the side wings, while the center of the backrest has a motif — a flame for Rengoku and butterfly wings for Shinobu — and an appropriately colored Secretlab logo. The back side of the chair is decorated with their Nichirin swords.

Rengoku’s chair also comes with a quote — “Kokoro o Moyase” (“Set your heart ablaze”) — embroidered in Japanese on its top and “is finished with yellow-red accent piping and a vivid gradient logo stitching — the first-ever for a Secretlab chair — that evokes his flaming eyes and hair.” 

The Rengoku and Shinobu Edition Secretlab SKINS, SKINS being the brand name for Secretlab’s gaming chair sleeves, have the same visual designs as their chair counterparts, so existing TITAN Evo owners can enjoy the aesthetics without having to purchase an entire new gaming chair.

Secretlab’s new reveals come shortly before Rengoku’s birthday on May 10, as well as the start of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Hashira Training Arc, the fourth season of the Demon Slayer anime adaptation, on May 12. 

The gaming chair maker previously released a few Demon Slayer chairs to celebrate the debut of the anime’s third season. With Rengoku and Shinobu joining the fray, Giyu will now no longer be the lone Hashira chair in Secretlab’s catalogue. 

You can check out the goods on Secretlab’s website here.

Source: Press release

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