Tougen Anki Anime Announced


A TV anime adaptation of the Tougen Anki action manga has been announced. It will premiere in 2025.

Kazuki Ura, Hiroshi Kamiya, and Kotaro Nishiyama are voicing the main characters Shiki Ichinose, Naito Mudano, and Jin Kogasaki, respectively. Visuals of their characters, as well as a teaser visual, have been released.


Tougen Anki is based on the Akita Shoten-published manga by Yura Urushibara, which started serialization in Weekly Shonen Champion in 2020 and has 19 tankoubon volumes as of March 2024. Yen Press describes the manga’s synopsis as:

Shiki Ichinose’s blood is Oni, and his father’s is Momotarou. Normally, those with Momotarou blood hunt the Oni—but Shiki’s father refused to kill him as an infant. Instead, he adopted Shiki and raised him despite the rebellious attitude and dangerous temper that come with Oni blood. When a member of the Momotarou Agency kills Shiki’s father, Shiki vows to avenge him. But as he hones his abilities and learns to control his Oni blood, will he be strong enough to survive the dangers waiting for him…? 

Tougen Anki previously inspired a stage play adaptation, which is described as being the first phase of the Tougen Anki project (the anime is the second phase). The manga’s 20th volume will be released on May 8.

Source: Press release

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