Insomniacs After School Event To Be Held In Support of Nanao City


At the start of the year, Japan’s Noto Peninsula was struck by an earthquake. One of the cities on the peninsula is Ishikawa Prefecture’s Nanao City, the setting for Makoto Ojiro‘s Insomniacs After School manga. As a form of support, an Insomniacs After School event will be held in Nanao from May 3 to June 2.

The Insomniacs After School event aims to attract visitors to Nanao in light of the postponement of the Seihakusai Festival, which is traditionally held annually from May 1 to 5. It will be at the 1st floor space of the Patria mall in Misogicho with free admission.

Planned for the event are exhibits of hanging banners and reproduced artwork, plus stills from the TV anime and props from the live-action movie (both the anime and live-action film were released in 2023). A special “Hitorijanai” (“You Aren’t Alone”) video, incorporating content from the source material and its adaptations, will be played on a monitor.

While supply is available, limited edition post cards (featuring the cafe illustration above) will be given to the event’s visitors. Distribution on the event grounds will take place on May 3 and 4; from May 5, attendees will have to head to Patria’s office on the fifth floor to inquire about the post cards. Also, those who show up on May 3 (between 11 AM to 6 PM JST) or 4 (between 11 AM to 3 PM JST) can observe Ojiro in action as they create illustrations during a live drawing session.

In conjunction with the event, proceeds from the sale of Insomniacs After School volumes on Shogakukan’s Big Comics site will be donated to the Nanao relief fund for a year (April 16, 2024 to April 15, 2025).

The Insomniacs After School manga ran from 2019 to 2023 in Big Comic Spirits magazine. Viz Media describes it as:

Dark rumors about what befell the members of the astronomy club keep people away from the school observatory, and that’s what makes it the perfect sanctuary for Nakami and Magari to get some much-needed rest. Unfortunately, the school faculty can’t allow its unsanctioned use. But if there were a new astronomy club, maybe these two insomniacs could have a place to call home!

In February 2024, the Skip and Loafer anime adaptation was streamed on YouTube for free to raise funds for Ishikawa Prefecture.

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