ONKYO Announces New Bocchi the Rock! Wireless Collab Headphones


Japanese audio product maker and seller ONKYO has announced a collaboration between the Bocchi the Rock! anime and the ANIMA AOW03 wireless over-ear headphone. 

There are four headphone models: Hitori Gotoh, Nijika Ijichi, Ryo Yamada, and Ikuyo Kita. Each are made-to-order products, with packages decorated with an illustration of the relevant character. These illustrations come from Takuya Niinuma, an animator with credits on shows like Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2, Chainsaw Man, My Dress-Up Darling, and Wonder Egg Priority.

Each Bocchi the Rock! headphone model comes with a list of recorded voice lines that will play in instances like powering on or connecting successfully. The characters’ respective personalities are factored in too. When the Hitori headphone is low on battery, you’ll hear Bocchi say, “Ba-battery kire… sumimasen. Kurakute semai toko de hitoikitsukitakute” (“The-the battery’s dead… sorry. I wanna take a break in a dark and cramped place”). There are 15 lines in total per headphone.

Buyers will be able to purchase more voice lines from the ANIMA Studio app, and equip lines from other characters.

ONKYO will also accept orders for acrylic headphone stands — which also feature Niinuma’s illustrations — and headphone pouches. The pouches represent their respective character with the shape of the appropriate instrument and the character’s name. 

The accessories are 4,400 yen each (~US$28.71, tax and postage included), while one headphone is priced at 25,000 yen (~US$163.14, tax and postage included). The order period is from April 12, 3 PM JST to June 14, at 3 PM JST. ONKYO will sell the acrylic headphone stands and headphone pouches normally around the time the headphones are delivered (tentatively from early- to mid-September).

Outside of headphone-related products, ONKYO will sell collaboration items — the usual suspects like clear files, acrylic stands, and can badges — that have Niinuma’s headphone illustrations.

Sources: @onkyodav, @kerorira1

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