Give It All Anime Movie Releases New, Narrated Trailer


The upcoming Give It All anime movie adaptation has received a new trailer, featuring additional scenes and an introductory narration from Japanese entertainer LiLiCo.

Give It All is set to premiere in Japan on October 25. It adapts the novel by Yoshiko Shikimura, about a group of teenage girls who participate in boat racing.

The book was the winner of the Bocchan Bungaku Award in 1995. Previous adaptations include a 1998 live-action movie and a 2005 drama.


• Director: Yuuhei Sakuragi (The Relative WorldsIngress the Animation)
• Scriptwriter: Yuuhei Sakuragi 
• Scriptwriter: Keiichiro Oochi (The Vexations of a Shut-In Vampire Princess series composer and co-scriptwriter)
• Character designer: Asako Nishida (Land of the Lustrous
• Animation production: Moe and Reirs


Sora Amamiya
• Miku Ito

• Rie Takahashi
• Akari Kito
• Ikumi Hasegawa

Source: Shochiku Anime Channel

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