Cross Infinite World Licenses 5 Light Novel Series For Summer 2024 Digital Release

the former assassin who got reincarnated light novel volume one cover feature image
©Satsuki Otonashi 2022 Illustration / MiRea

Cross Infinite World has announced the licensing of five new light novel series from PASH! Books, which will all be first released digitally throughout 2024 and later in print. 

Here are the details for the latest light novel series from the publisher

By a Twist of Fate, I’m Attending the Royal Academy in Disguise 

by a twist of fate light novel volume one cover
©Ringo 2023 Illustration / Tsukasa Satsuki

Story: Ringo 

Illustration: Tsukasa Satsuki

Volume one will be available digitally worldwide on May 31, 2024, while the paperback will be released at a later date. 


Cesia, a mere servant, is attending the Royal Academy in place of the lazy, pampered daughter of the viscount she works for, all for a massive monetary reward upon her successful graduation that would allow her to live the rest of her life without any worries. She spends her days avoiding the feeble bullying of the ladies of the Academy while being worked to the bone at the viscount’s mansion—until just before graduation, when she gets tricked and her pay completely vanishes! Furious, she vows to get even, no matter what it takes, when out of nowhere, the second prince shows up and offers to help her? A spunky heroine with determined resistance as her motto and a mischievous prince who puts his life on the line for his country meet in this love story where anything could happen!

The Former Assassin Who Got Reincarnated as a Noble Girl 

the former assassin who got reincarnated light novel volume one cover
©Satsuki Otonashi 2022 Illustration / MiRea

Story: Satsuki Otonashi 

Illustration: MiRea

The first volume will be available digitally worldwide on July 31, 2024, while a paperback version will be released at a later date.


Enter Lady Selena, the former assassin who assumed it’d be easy to step into the role of pampered mademoiselle, but who finds herself aggravated by how differently she views things compared to her flower-brained mother and her scheming, deceitful (yet utterly ineffective) stepsister. She navigates tea parties filled with ladies attempting to assert their dominance, attends an academy thick with ulterior motives, and dodges harassment flung at her with an icy glare and fierce counters, but it’s that stone-cold heart of hers that leaves her isolated and alone.

One day, she learns her stepsister has become engaged to the second prince, a fact that forces her to run away from home. She doesn’t get far before bumping into someone, however, and that someone just happens to be the first prince.

Come watch as the cold-blooded former assassin who’s never known love dives fearlessly into noble society!

Too Strong to Belong! Banished to Another World! 

too strong to belong banished to another world light novel cover
©Kazuki Karasawa 2024 Illustration / Akane Rica / Cross Infinite World

Story: Kazuki Karasawa 

Illustration: Akane Rica

The light novel will be available digitally worldwide on August 31, 2024 and in paperback at a later date.


Sakurako longs to fall in love. Unfortunately, her super-strength scares everybody off! If only she were normal… But then she would have died long ago. Her continued survival jeopardizes time and space, so God sends Sakurako and her lovelorn best friend Kazuya to another world.

Um, a place where she can be a delicate damsel and finally get a boyfriend? Yes, please!

Will Sakurako make it as a weakling in a world of magic and monsters? Can Kazuya compete with the handsome hero in their party of adventurers? And what’s this about a Demon King who’s due to show up to destroy the world any day now?

Let’s Get to Villainessin’: Stratagems of a Former Commoner 

let's get to villainessin light novel volume one cover
©Hiironoame 2023 Illustration / Misumi

Story: Hiironoame  

Illustration: Misumi

Volume one will be available digitally worldwide on July 31, 2024 and in paperback at a later date.


Would you become the villainess to save your beloved baby sister? That was the deal promised to Mio Satou by Shizuki Sakurazaka, heiress of the Sakurazaka Group, one of the most powerful conglomerates that dominate modern day Japan. The terms? Take her place in life. Survive three years at an elite academy where the progeny of tycoons and moguls roam, and in return, Shizuki will cure Mio’s terminally ill sister.

But in a revelation that turns Mio’s world upside down, Shizuki reveals that their reality is based on an otome game from her previous life, with herself as the game’s original antagonist — an antagonist whose downfall was essential in guiding the world to its happy ending. Now, as former “commoner” Mio steps into the labyrinth of high society, can she successfully navigate her way to her predetermined demise and her sister’s rescue, or does more than just doom await her at the end of this journey?

Soup Forest: The Story of the Woman Who Speaks with Animals and the Former Mercenary 

soup forest light novel volume one cover
©Syuu 2023 Illustration / Muni

Story: Syuu 

Illustration: Muni 

The first volume will be available digitally worldwide on June 30, 2024, with a paperback version set to be released at a later date.


Olivia, who runs a soup restaurant outside of town on the edge of the forest, has a secret she can’t tell anyone. She can hear animals’ and humans’ inner voices. This ability left her alienated from her family to the point that they sent her away to a convent when she was only five years old. After escaping while en route, she was brought to the restaurant by the people who would become her adoptive grandparents. Twenty years later, Olivia continues to live with her heart closed off to other humans, until, one day, a former mercenary by the name of Arthur stops by on a rainy morning, dripping wet.

And what are those feelings he starts to develop for her?

Soup Forest is a place of meetings and partings, a place filled with the forest’s bounties, a place of gathering for both animals and humans. They come together, share a meal, go their separate ways, and continue on with their lives.

Source: Cross Infinite World Official Twitter, Official Website

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