Danjo no Yuujou wa Seiritsu suru? Gets Visual to Commemorate Previously Announced Anime


The Danjo no Yuujou wa Seiritsu suru?(Iya, Shinai!!) anime adaptation, which was announced in August 2022, has received a visual to commemorate the production’s existence. The visual is drawn by the light novels’ illustrator Parum and depicts main heroine Himari Inuzuka.

The release of the visual also coincides with the release of the ninth light novel volume in Japan.


The Danjo no Yuujou wa Seiritsu suru?light novel series is written by Nana Nana and published under the Dengeki Bunko label. The story follows two friends of opposite genders, Yuu Natsume and Himari Inuzuka, who first met and befriended each other at a middle school festival. Now in high school, the two continue to maintain their distance as “best friends,” until the appearance of a cool and beautiful girl named Rion Enomoto, who was Yuu’s first love, disrupts things.

The light novels started in 2021. A manga adaptation by Kamelie began the same year. JC.Staff is producing the anime.

Source: @danjoru_

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