MANGA UP! Launches Vault Pass Subscription, Offers Free Select Chapters of Black Butler Manga

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Square Enix’s MANGA UP! service is launching a new subscription plan called Vault Pass, which will unlock more than 10,000 chapters of more than 200 manga titles. The subscription will cost a flat monthly rate of US$4.99 and unlocks more manga chapters that previously required a wait time or individual payment. 

In addition, MANGA UP! is celebrating the start of the Black Butler: Public School Arc TV anime series by making several chapters of the English translated manga available for free for a limited time on the app. Volumes 1-14 of the original Black Butler manga can be read for free from April 7, 2024 at 8:00 PM PST until April 16, 2024 at 7:59 PM PST.

New subscribers of Vault Pass will receive a 1-month free trial before they are charged, and will have access to several completed series with unlimited reading on all chapters. Eighteen volumes of Black Butler will also be available with the subscription, with the company planning to make future installments of the series available with it. 

The existing payment model for MANGA UP! will remain in place. The global version of the digital manga app requires the use of one of three currencies to unlock a chapter: Free daily UP, bonus XP, and purchasable COIN. A Vault Pass subscription will allow for unlimited reading of chapters that can be unlocked using UP (chapter availability will depend on the individual title). 

Subscribers who want to read chapters other than those available on Vault Pass will have to wait a set number of days or access them using UP, or use XP or COIN to read them immediately. More information about the subscription plan and titles currently available on MANGA UP! can be found on the service’s official website

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