Netflix’s Official City Hunter Trailer Has Action, Comedy, “Get Wild”

Image source: Netflix Japan YouTube channel

Netflix has released an official trailer for the upcoming live-action City Hunter movie, which will begin streaming worldwide on April 25. 

The new video reveals the presence of the Angel Dust drug in the plot, and delivers an extended preview of TM NETWORK‘s “Get Wild Continual,” after last month’s teaser trailer teased only the opening notes to the theme song. There’s also plenty of new action and comedy footage to behold.

City Hunter is inspired by the Shueisha-published manga by Tsukasa Houjou, which ran from 1985 to 1991. Previous live-action movie adaptations include a 1993 film starring Jackie Chan, a 2019 French adaptation, and an unreleased Chinese adaptation. This new take is set in modern-day Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Netflix’s synopsis describes the film as:

After receiving the message “XYZ, please find my sister,” Ryo and his partner Hideyuki go on to search for Kurumi, a famous cosplayer. Meanwhile, mysterious violent incidents are taking place in Shinjuku, and Saeko, a skilled police detective is having a tough time solving these cases. Ryo and Hideyuki work in tandem to pursue Kurumi, but tragedy strikes when Hideyuki is killed during the investigation. Witnessing her brother’s death, Kaori implores Ryo to uncover the truth behind the incident. 

The City Hunter manga has inspired various anime, including a multi-season TV series that premiered in 1987, TV specials, and movies. A new anime movie was released in 2023. Two City Hunter spin-off manga from other artists began in 2017 and 2018.

The Mangahot website publishes the manga in English and describes the premise as:

Ryo Saeba, a.k.a. City Hunter. A sweeper who fulfills all his client’s needs. He’ll do anything from bodyguarding to contract killing, but he’ll only take the job if a pretty woman is involved, or the client’s sincerity makes his heart tremble. Together with his partner Kaori Makimura, the kid sister of his late best friend, Ryo fights the evil haunting the shadows of the city!!


• Director: Yuichi Sato (Na mo Naki Sekai no End Roll
• Scriptwriter: Tatsuro Mishima (Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead live-action)


• Ryohei Suzuki as Ryo Saeba 
• Misato Morita as Kaori Makimura
• Masanobu Ando as Hideyuki Makimura
• Fumino Kimura as Saeko Nogami

Source: Netflix YouTube channel

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