Teogonia Fantasy Series Receives Anime Adaptation


A TV anime adaptation of the Teogonia fantasy series has been announced with a teaser visual.

Teogonia debuted on web novel site Shousetsuka ni Narou in 2017, written by Tsukasa Tanimai. A light novel series illustrated by Koichiro Kono, and published under Shufu-to-Seikatsusha’s PASH! Books label, began in 2018 and has three volumes as of 2019. There is also a manga by Shunsuke Aoyama, which is set to release its 11th tankoubon volume on April 5, 2024.


The anime’s premise is described as:

It’s a time of warfare where relentless battles continue between human and demi-human tribes like the Ash Monkeys (Macaque) and pig people (Ogres) invading human lands. Kai, a boy from the village of Rag, spends his days immersed in battle to protect his village.

Amidst the harsh battles enforced by those possessing immense power known as “guardian bearers,” and as his comrades fall one by one, Kai suddenly recalls memories he shouldn’t have experienced – memories of a world with advanced technology and knowledge of people’s lives beyond this world.

And thus, although Kai was just a villager, he soon finds himself embroiled in great trials…
A magnificent fantasy tale unfolds, chronicling the struggle and growth of a single boy in a harsh world.

Source: Press release

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