Glacier Bay Books Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Release 4 Manga Titles

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© Glacier Bay Books

Glacier Bay Books launched a Kickstarter campaign earlier last week to crowdfund the English release of four indie manga titles for release sometime in 2024. As of writing, the campaign has raised US$41,074 of its US$50,000 goal and will end on April 22, 2024 at 12:05 PM EST.  

glacier bay books manga covers group visual
© Glacier Bay Books

The crowdfunding campaign will raise funds for the release of the following four indie manga titles: 

  • • To the Sea by Aoi Mukoubi
  • • Seaside Beta by ohuton
  • • One Hundred Views of Reality by Byu Kijitori
  • • Final Testament to the Moon Volume 2 by Sayaka Mogi 

The publisher is also accepting advance reservations for the simultaneous English release of  Natsujikei Miyazaki‘s …And the Strange and Funky Happenings One Day and Yoruno Hitsujigumo‘s The Other Side of the Clouds.

  • to the sea manga cover
  • seaside beta manga cover
  • one hundred views of reality manga cover
  • final testament to the moon volume 2 cover
  • and the stange and funky happenings one day manga cover
  • the otherside of the clouds manga cover

More information about the campaign can be found on the Glacier Bay Books’ Kickstarter page, which also features preview images of the four books’ covers and pages. 

Glacier Bay Books is a small comics publisher specializing in contemporary alternative and indie manga series from the Japanese small press scene since 2019. Some of its works can be read on the Azuki digital manga app and website. 

Source: Glacier Bay Books Official Twitter

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