Anime April Fool’s Day: 2024 Compilation


April Fools’ Day has arrived in Japan, and with it a slew of April Fools’ posts from official anime social media accounts. Here’s some of them.

(The article may be updated with more posts after the initial time of publication.)

OSHI NO KO Makes Kana Arima A Sushi no Ko

After becoming the promotional model for baking soda last year, best girl Kana Arima is now the face of a powdered sushi vinegar product.

OSHI NO KO Gets Pie no Ko Spin-off Starring Pieyon and Aqua

This April Fools’ joke comes from the manga rather than the anime, but I’m sharing it anyway.

Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki Unlocks Takahiro Mizusawa Route

The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten Live-Action Adaptation?!

Starring Mahiru Shiina voice actor Manaka Iwami as Mahiru Shiina.

Bang Brave Frypan, a Bang Brave Bang Bravern Product

Which is better, the frying pan, or the old-school ad with 4:3 aspect ratio and crappy audio/visual quality?

Delicious in Dungeon Presents An Interview With A Walking Mushroom

Walking mushroom hopes for every household to have a walking mushroom. Read the full interview here.

Image source: Delicious in Dungeon website

Princess Principal Crown Handler Gaiden: Getsumen Ryokou-hen Visual Released

Date A Live Inspires Date A Idol and Date A Magical Spin-off Movies

The Kuroko’s Basket Cast Get Jobs

Giji Harem Voice Swap Let’s Us Hear Saori Hayami’s Male Protag Voice and Nobuhiko Okamoto’s Main Heroine Voice

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