Urusei Yatsura Season 2 Reveals New PV Trailer

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A new PV trailer has been revealed for the ongoing second season of the Urusei Yatsura, highlighting several key moments from the anime series leading up to the show’s second half. The second cour of season two (which also serves as the final cour of the series) will premiere in Japan on April 11, 2024 after a short one week break. 

The new trailer also revealed that the musical group MAISONdes will be singing the second cour’s ending theme “Haru magai” featuring Ayuni, D, and Nito, which is previewed in the video. The group performed the first cour’s opening theme “Rock On.” 

The first cour of the second season aired on January 12, 2024 and lasted until March 29, 2024. The first season of the modern Urusei Yatsura TV series first aired in October 2022 for a total of 23 episodes.

Hideya Takahashi (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind) and Yasuhiro Kimura (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind) are credited as the series’ co-directors, with Yuuko Kakihara (The Aquatope on White Sand) as series screenwriter, Naoyuki Asano (Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!) as character designer, and Masaru Yokoyama (Aoashi) as music composer. David production is handling the animation production for the series. 

Other staff include Kazuhiro Takamura (Strike Witches: Road to Berlin director and character designer) and Mikio (The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 co-prop designer) as sub-character designers, JNTHED (Spriggan 2022 production designer, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker mecha design and 2D work assistance) and Yoshihiro Sono (Sabikui Bisco art and creature designer) as mechanical designers, Masanobu Nomura (Fate/Grand Order Divine Realm of the Round Table: Camelot Paladin; Agateram co-art director) as art director, Ayaka Nakamura (The Heike Story assistant color designer) as color designer, and Yuuichiro Osada (World Trigger 2nd Season and 3rd Season) as compositing director.

Meanwhile, the anime’s voice cast includes 

  • • Hiroshi Kamiya as Ataru Moroboshi
  • • Sumire Uesaka as Lum
  • • Maaya Uchida as Shinobu Miyake
  • • Mamoru Miyano as Shutarou Mendou
  • • Wataru Takagi as Cherry
  • • Miyuki Sawashiro as Sakura

The new anime adapts select portions of Rumiko Takahashi‘s 1978 original manga series and will run for a total of four cours. The manga series ran in Shogakukan’s Weekly Shonen Sunday from September 24, 1978 to February 4, 1987. VIZ Media releases the manga in English for North America. 

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A previous Urusei Yatsura TV anime series was released in 1981, inspiring multiple anime films and OVAs as well. The most recent Urusei Yatsura anime prior to the new 2022 adaptation was a 2008 OVA that was screened as part of the “It’s a Rumic World” exhibition celebrating Takahashi’s works. 

HIDIVE is streaming the new Urusei Yatsura anime series, describing the synopsis as: 

When an alien race known as the Oni invade Earth, the chronically unlucky and unapologetically lecherous Ataru Moroboshi is selected as humanity’s representative in a duel for the fate of the planet! His opponent is Lum, the Oni’s very pretty princess, and it’s only thanks to Ataru’s unscrupulous behavior that he’s able to scrape out a win in a treacherous game of tag against her. Ataru thinks he’s had his lucky break at last, but when Lum takes a shine to him off the battlefield, the conflict follows him home as Lum invades not only planet Earth, but also the womanizing Ataru’s love life!

Source: Urusei Yatsura Official Anime Twitter 

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