3 New Holo Indie Games Are Arriving Soon

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COVER Corporation‘s Holo Indie brand is set to add three more games to its banner starting on March 29.

The first to arrive will be Holo X Break from KayAnimate, a side-scrolling action game that supports four-player co-op (local at launch, online via a future update). 

April 12 will see the launch of tian nya‘s Wowowow Korone Box, a 2D bullet hell shooter with Inugami Korone as the playable character. Collecting the titular Korone Boxes will contribute to the player’s score and provide random weapons. The game also features “arrangements of various official and fanmade tunes” and will kill the player with one hit.

Finally, frog blend‘s Miko in Maguma will launch on April 26. The 2D platformer involves Sakura Miko trying to escape from magma by getting onto scaffoldings that are “placed in a ‘slightly’ unfriendly manner.” Instead of jumping, the player has to navigate levels by throwing cherry blossom petals via mouse control.

While Miko is the only playable character, there will be appearances from other Hololive VTubers like Tsunomaki Watame and Hoshimachi Suisei, plus 35P (the nickname of Miko’s fans) and Miko’s shikigami, Kintoki. All of these characters will serve as obstacles.

Miko in Maguma will also have minigames like rock, paper, scissors (against Watame) and an RPG “where you fight according to the numbers rolled on the roulette wheel.”

All three games will be on Steam for free.

COVER announced Holo Indie in November 2023 as a brand for “derivative work games.” Last December’s 2D strategy game Holo Parade was the first Holo Indie title.

Source: Hololive

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