Synduality Prequel Light Novel Released in Japan

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Hajimari no Ao: Synduality: Roots, a new light novel that begins over a century before the Synduality Noir anime and the upcoming Synduality Echo of Ada video game, went on sale in Japan on March 18 JST.

Synduality: Roots follows two childhood friends who survived the “Tears of the New Moon,” the 2099 event that saw most of humanity wiped out by a deadly rain called “Blueschist,” and their descendants, thus chronicling the rebirth of human civilization in Synduality‘s world. The book is written by sci-fi author Yuuya Takashima (Zegapain spin-off Entangled Girl, Space Battle Ship Yamato: Toumei-hen: Aquarius Algorithm) and published under the Tsogen SF Bunko label.

Image source: Amazon Japan

The previous Synduality light novel was September 2023’s Synduality Ellie, a spin-off of the anime that has the titular Ellie as its point-of-view character. Synduality Ellie, which is published under the MF Bunko J label, has a manga counterpart that began serialization in June 2023 in KADOKAWA’s Monthly Comic Alive.

The Synduality multimedia project was revealed in September 2022, following an August 2022 teaser that used the name Project Syn. Its universe features human-piloted mechs, AI beings called Magus, and monsters that threaten the remnants of humanity. Synduality Echo of Ada, a PvPvE extraction shooter, takes place in the year 2222, after the fall of the underground city Amasia. Synduality Noir skips to 2242 and follows aspiring Drifter Kanata, who encounters the amnesiac Magus Noir. 

Synduality Noir‘s first cour premiered in July 2023. Its second cour began in January 2024. Hulu streams the anime in the United States while Disney+ streams it worldwide.

Sources: Press release, Amazon Japan

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