GKIDS Acquires Mamoru Hosoda Films, Makoto Shinkai Films Added to Criterion Channel

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GKIDS has announced that it has acquired the North American rights to Mamoru Hosoda’s entire film catalog. The films will receive new theatrical and home entertainment releases at some point in time, with further details forthcoming from GKIDS later on. 

The full list of Hosoda’s filmography under GKIDS now include:

  • • The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
  • • Wolf Children
  • • Summer Wars
  • • Mirai
  • • The Boy and the Beast
  • • Belle

Summer Wars and Wolf Children will enter the GKIDS’ catalog immediately, while The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and The Boy and the Beast are expected to enter the catalog next year. GKIDS previously licensed Mirai and Belle for North American release in theaters and home video. 

GKIDS has also set up a website highlighting Hosoda’s work here

Meanwhile, The Criterion Channel is adding the works of another prolific anime film director, Makoto Shinkai, to its streaming catalog on April 1, 2024. The feature length films and shorts that will be streamed include: 

  • • The Place Promised in Our Early Days
  • • 5 Centimeters per Second
  • • Children Who Chase Lost Voices
  • • The Garden of Words
  • • Your Name.
  • • She and Her Cat
  • • Voices of a Distant Star

The Criterion Channel is an independent streaming service run by The Criterion Collection that hosts a variety of classic and contemporary films from Hollywood and around the world. Subscribers have access to more than 500 shorts and 5,000 feature films, along with trailers, introductions, behind-the-scenes documentaries, interviews, video essays, commentary tracks, and archival footage. 

Source: Variety, Criterion Channel Official Website

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