Wonderful Precure the Movie Arriving on September 13

©2024 わんだふるぷりきゅあ!ざ・むーびー!製作委員会

Toei has announced the September 13 Japanese release of Wonderful Precure the Movie. A short trailer and a teaser visual have also been released.

©2024 わんだふるぷりきゅあ!ざ・むーびー!製作委員会

Wonderful Precure is the current Pretty Cure series. The TV anime premiered on February 4. Crunchyroll describes the premise as:

In the Animal Town where humans and animals live together, Iroha who loves animals is very close to her dog Komugi! One day, a mysterious creature GaruGaru goes berserk in her city. In order to protect Iroha, Komugi transforms into a human and even Precure…!? We have to protect such berserk animals! Let’s join forces and return the animals to the Niko Garden!

Source: @precure_movie

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