Kana Arima Wins Girl of the Year & Supporting Girl of the Year at 10th Anime Trending Awards

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Kana Arima, from the drama anime seriesOSHI NO KO】, has won Girl of the Year and Supporting Girl of the Year at the 10th Anime Trending Awards. 

Arima’s win marks the second time a female character has won both categories at the annual awards, joining Rem from Re:Zero, who was voted as Girl of the Year and Supporting Girl of the Year at the 3rd Anime Trending Awards in 2017. 

Arima previously won Best Female Character and Best Supporting Female Character at Anime Trending’s Spring 2023 Anime Awards. She, along with Guel Jeturk from Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury, both won their respective favorite character awards, marking the first time all the character awards were won by supporting characters in a season. 

During the Spring 2023 anime season, Kana debuted at sixth place in the weekly Female Character polls. She later placed first and second three times each until the end of the season. She dropped to fourth place only once in the seventh week and was absent from the polls only once. 

The top ten list of nominees for Girl of the Year were: 

  1. 1. Arima, Kana [7,713 votes]
  2. 2. Shiina, Mahiru [7,606 votes]
  3. 3. Yamada, Anna [7,245 votes]
  4. 4. Kurokawa, Akane [7,026 votes]
  5. 5. Forger, Yor [5,815 votes]
  6. 6. Gundo, Misuzu [5,546 votes]
  7. 7. Wynn Palletia, Anisphia [4,063 votes]
  8. 8. Iwakura, Mitsumi [3,754 votes]
  9. 9. Mikazuki, Shizuka [3,574 votes]
  10. 10. Saimori, Miyo [3,533 votes]

The full results of the 10th Anime Trending Awards can be viewed here.

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