J-Novel Club Announces Print Distribution Arrangement with Hachette Book Group & Diamond Book Distributors via Yen Press

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J-Novel Club has announced an ongoing sales and distribution agreement with Hachette Book Group via a new partnership with Yen Press for J-Novel Club’s physical book catalog. 

Starting on July 1, 2024, all J-Novel Club frontlist and backlist titles will be distributed by Hachette in North America. International sales will be handled by Diamond Book Distributors.

What Does This Mean for Current Yen Press and J-Novel Club Branding?

The company stated that all books will be listed for solicitation under Yen Press’s JNC imprint and appear in the Edelweiss platform as “Yen Press/JNC.” Meanwhile, on-book branding for titles produced directly by J-Novel Club will continue to feature the full J-Novel Club and J-Novel Heart logos. Titles produced by Yen Press under the JNC imprint will continue to use the simplified JNC logo.

Will This Affect J-Novel Club’s Digital Offerings?

This arrangement is only for print editions in English and has no impact on J-Novel Club’s digital offerings.   

How Will This Affect Stock and Inventory?

Retailers globally can continue ordering all J-Novel Club titles — including all June 2024 new releases — through June 30, 2024, after which inventory will be migrated to Hachette’s warehouses. This may lead to delays in order fulfillment for both retailers and customers while the transport and ingestion of catalog titles continues. New releases in July 2024 are already registered with Hachette Book Group and are available for preorder.

Why Won’t New Volumes Come Out as Far as Before?

J-Novel Club has switched to a system of rolling solicitations. Each month, new volumes in production will be solicited for retail, allowing the company to manage more flexible schedule releases and provide increasingly accurate metadata such as page numbers.

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