VTuber Agency PRISM Project to Cease Operations

PRISM Project VTubers Aoi Tokimori, Meno Ibuki, Iku Hoshifure
©2022 PRISM Project

Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.’s VTuber Agency PRISM Project announced that it will cease its operations on March 31st. 

All of its eighteen currently managed talents will become independent as of April 1st. The VTubers will keep their current names, personas, and social media accounts, with the agency pledging to transfer the character rights to each individual talent. 

The PRISM Project VTubers will share their future plans early in March via their YouTube livestreams and other social media accounts.

Events and releases scheduled for the month of March will continue as scheduled, and all merchandise orders placed prior to March 31 will be fulfilled. 

PRISM Projects asks fans not to direct their inquiries at the talents, but rather through the agency’s official channel, contact@prismproject.jp.

The VTuber agency was originally founded in January 2021, before transitioning to Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. in May 2022.

“After careful consideration and discussion between management and talents regarding each talent’s goals as virtual performers, and with an eye towards industry trends and the considerable staff resources required not only to sustain but to further grow the brand, together we have made the incredibly difficult decision to cease talent management operations and make it possible for each talent to continue their talent activities under their current talent names with their current character IPs,” shared Shogun, PRISM Project’s producer. 

“I want you all to know that PRISM Project is eternally grateful for the long-term, passionate support of its fan audience, and we hope that fans will continue to support each talent as they take the next step in their talent activities.”

In 2023, PRISM Project debuted three new generations of VTuber talents, capping it off with Gen 7 in June 2023. 

PRISM Project’s current talents, who are now slated to become independent VTubers, include: Iku Hoshifuri, Aoi Tokimori, Meno Ibuki, Rita Kamishiro, Luto Araka, Shiki Miyoshino, Nia Suzune, Yura Rikudou, Pina Pengin, Naki Kamizuki, Sara Nagare, Non Anon, Ami Amami, Kou Tsubame, Jun Akane, Mako Sameshima, Nana Asteria, and Emma Oumiya.

Source: Press Release

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