Mobile Sci-fi RPG Ex Astris Is Now Out Globally

Ex Astris, the new premium sci-fi mobile RPG developed by Nous Wave Studio Games and published by GRYPHLINE, is now available on App Store and Google Play worldwide, with a price tag of US$9.99.

As part of the global launch, there is an Ex Astris x Arknights crossover event called “When the Land Meets the Stars,” which features “fun surprises” and some cosmetics for players of both games. Ex Astris players can obtain the “Loose Uniform” and “Light Uniform” and attires, while Arknights fans can receive the  “Doll of Polar Day” and “Doll of Pitchest Black” furniture. The instructions for claiming the rewards can be found on the event page, and you’ll have until March 12 at 5:59 AM PST to do so.

Ex Astris sends players to the eternally sunny planet Allindo, where they take on the role of an investigator “tasked with unraveling the secrets of the long lost Allindish civilization and to reveal the truth behind the Astramorphs that inhabit this alien planet.” The gameplay is a mix of real-time and turn-based, with the Obscuran Maneuvers mechanic allowing players to parry or dodge attacks during combat encounters.

Source: Press release

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