Tokyopop Announces New Manga Releases for 2nd Quarter of 2024

watch dogs tokyo manga volume one cover feature image
© Seiichi Shirato, Shuuhei Kamo

Tokyopop has announced more than a dozen new print manga titles set for release throughout the second quarter of 2024. Some of these new releases come from the company’s romance-focused LoveLove imprint

Other titles include the Unisoft tie-in manga Watch Dogs Tokyo and Descendants: Mal’s Royal Challenge from Tokyopop’s Disney Manga imprint. 

Here are the details for the newest manga releases: 

A Smart and Courageous Child

a smart and courageous child manga volume cover
© Miki Yamamoto

Story and Art: Miki Yamamoto

Release Date: June 18, 2024

Winner of the 24th Manga Division Excellence Award at the 2020 Japan Media Arts Festival.


Every young couple has high hopes for their unborn child, and Sara and Kouta Takano are no different. But only days away from giving birth, Sara learns about the tragedy of Malala Yousafzai’s attempted assassination at the hands of the Taliban, and her pure and innocent belief in the future is shaken. If such a smart and courageous child can be hurt so badly by the world, how can she keep her own baby safe? With Sara now in a state of shock, will the young couple be able to bridge the widening gap between them, or will it tear their family apart?

The reality of this world, as seen through the eyes of an author that has spent years illustrating the women and their lives.

Scarlet Secret

scarlet secret manga volume one cover
© Tomo Serizawa

Story and Art: Tomo Serizawa

Release Date: April 16, 2024


With his crimson eyes and uncanny ability to predict the weather, Shiki has always been the odd child out in his village. Despite his quirks, he’s cherished by the village chieftain’s impetuous son, Yamato, and they grow up together as the dearest of friends. But when the Shamaness Himiko, ruler of Yamatai, selects Shiki as a ritual sacrifice, the two are torn apart. Yamato spends years searching in vain hope for any sign of Shiki, only to find him alive and well… at the center of Himiko’s court? 

Disguised as the Shamaness and inheritor of her divine power, Shiki is no longer human and can no longer act upon human desires. Despite that, Yamato is eager to swear himself into ‘her’ service and stand by the Shamaness’ side to safeguard and lead their people. But can Shiki resist his love for Yamato, even if it means going against the will of the gods…?

A Beast’s Descent Into Love

a beast's descent into love manga volume cover
© Rui Asajima

Story and Art: Rui Asajima

Release Date: April 16, 2024


After sneaking into a black-market auction, the thief Kalim accidentally steals one of the most highly priced goods: a beautiful demi-human with beast ears and a tail named Asena. Now, Kalim must take responsibility and shelter Asena in his home for one month until the ship that can take him back to his homelands arrives. Asena, who despises humans for the way they’ve subjugated demi-humans, treats Kalim coldly at first, but then something Kalim never could’ve expected happens: Asena goes into heat! 

A Beast’s Love is Like the Moon

a beast's love is like the moon manga volume cover
© Guri Nojiro

Story and Art: Guri Nojiro

Release Date: May 7, 2024


Izuki, dismissive of superstition, goes exploring — only to be attacked by a yokai in the woods. He’s saved by a beautiful man named Haku, who claims to be the incarnation of a komainu guardian dog. He pledges himself to Izuki and begs him to be his master. Izuki refuses at first, wanting to return to the city as quickly as possible, but is swayed by Haku’s lonely eyes and brings him back to the house. Gradually, he falls into a comfortable rhythm with the pushy but devoted Haku while living under the same roof, and Izuki wonders if he really wants to return to the city as he thought.

However, Haku harbors a secret that could put Izuki’s life at risk. Will Izuki and Haku come together in the end, or will Haku succumb to the loneliness that he’s held at bay for centuries…?

Watch Dogs Tokyo

watch dogs tokyo manga volume one cover
© Seiichi Shirato, Shuuhei Kamo

Story: Seiichi Shirato

Art: Shuuhei Kamo

Release Date: April 30, 2024 


The Tokyo Metropolitan Government decided to introduce J-ctOS, an urban infrastructure management system developed by Blume Japan. People’s lives have changed completely due to the convenience of improved infrastructure, and the ease of interconnectivity. Everything is fine, if they don’t think too hard about what lurks in the shadows behind closed doors at the Blume corporation…

This Reincarnated Cross-Dressing Princess Won’t Be Looking for a Fiancé

This Reincarnated Cross-Dressing Princess Won’t Be Looking for a Fiancé manga volume cover
© Akino Shiina, Saki Tsukigami

Story: Akino Shiina

Art: Saki Tsukigami 

Release Date: May 7, 2024 


One day, Princess Alicia, who cross-dresses to attend the male only Magic Academy, realizes that the world she is currently in is the setting of the BL novel she was reading in her previous life.

Her purpose at the academy is to get married to one of the candidates her mother has prepared for her, so that she can avoid a political arranged marriage. However, all the candidates are members of the novel’s protagonist’s harem. Close to giving up hope, she’s spotted by a man she’d never heard of… a new character in the story! The handsome summoner Lucius demands her hand, and before she knew it, Alicia was falling for him!

The Man Who Shattered My World

the man who shattered my world manga volume cover
© Osamu Moriya

Story and Art: Osamu Moriya

Release Date: May 21, 2024 


Tachibana is a handsome top who exclusively has no-strings-attached sex with slender, pretty men. When he picks up the brawny, confident Kuzumi on a whim, he doesn’t expect much to be different… except Kuzumi flips the script on him, telling Tachibana: “I love turning men like you into my little bitch.”

Kuzumi is merciless in his attentions, and Tachibana finds himself helpless to resist. In one night, everything Tachibana thought he knew about sex and desire gets turned on its head, and he finds himself coming back for more. But can he trust Kuzumi with more than just his body – or will he be discarded by the other man as soon as he gets bored?

The Genius Puppeteer Loves the Holy Knight Fiercely 

the genius puppeteer loves the holy knight fiercely manga volume cover
© Hatoba Kogarashi

Story and Art: Hatoba Kogarashi

Release Date: May 28, 2024


As a high-ranking general captured after the end of a war, the Holy Knight Gilbert braces for execution… when at the last moment, his life is saved by Chris, the enemy nation’s master artificer and puppeteer. An arrogant, wickedly playful man who surrounds himself only with dolls of his own making, Chris claims to admire the beauty of Gilbert’s soul and intends to use him to create his newest masterpiece.

When Gilbert refuses to go along with Chris’s plan, he is forced to choose between certain death and forsaking his faith to become an immortal doll. Hoping to buy enough time to make his escape, Gilbert instead offers himself up to Chris as a slave. But if that’s the game this knight wishes to play, then Chris fully intends on toying with him until Gilbert breaks to his will…

Sweet for Sweets and Foreigners

sweet for sweets and foreigners volume one cover
© Marina Sano

Story and Art: Marina Sano

Release Date: June 18, 2024 


Ami Satou works for Cobara, a company that specializes in sweets. While she may be good at sales, her confidence in pretty much everything else is low, which is why she hasn’t even thought about dating since college. Instead, she fills up her imagination with romantic scenes from shoujo manga. 

When she meets Alain Giraud, a handsome, older French man in charge of a new project she’s assigned to work on, she begins to struggle to keep that romantic imagination in check… especially with Alain being so overly friendly! Ami keeps reminding herself that it’s just because he’s French, but will she be able to resist his romantic charm?

Wild Beast Forest House 

wild beast forest house volume one cover
© Inma R.

Story and Art: Inma R. 

Release Date: June 25, 2024 


“Wild Beast” is the only place in the forest where wild animals can rest under the promise of not hurting each other. When the owner, a wolf called Ragnar, receives the unexpected visit of Yule, a domestic cat, he foresees the boy’s going to bring him trouble. But maybe something else too…?

Descendants: Mal’s Royal Challenge

descendants mal's royal challenge manga cover
© Jason Muell, Natsuki Minami

Story: Jason Muell

Art: Natsuki Minami

Release Date: June 25, 2024


Opening the bridge between Auradon and the Isle was the easy part – bringing two disparate cultures together will be the real challenge that Mal must face. Realizing that she needs help, Mal brings on as consuls the two people who best personify their respective homes: Audrey for Auradon and Uma for the Isle of the Lost. They’re charged with helping Mal introduce their own cultures to a whole new audience… but how?

As far as Mal sees it, they can only really truly understand the issues that the people of Auradon and the Isle of the Lost will face by first experiencing it for themselves, which means that Audrey will need to live a day in Uma’s life on the Isle and Uma in Audrey’s shoes in Auradon. This experience – full of embarrassing missteps and unexpected situations – opens up Audrey and Uma’s eyes to just how inattentive they’d been to the challenges faced by those who’d grown up elsewhere and inspires them to join forces with Mal to find a better solution to truly integrate their cultures.

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