Winners of Tsugi ni Kuru Light Novel Taisho 2023 Announced

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The winners of the Tsugi ni Kuru Light Novel Taisho 2023 have been revealed.

The tankoubon category winner is military fantasy TS Eiseihei-san no Senjou Nikki, written by Tama Masaki and illustrated by Kureta. The story is about Tori Noel, a girl with an aptitude for restorative magic who joins the military in order to provide financial assistance for the orphanage that raised her. Unfortunately for Tori, she is sent to the Western Front, where the harshest battles are fought and where she has to ensure the survival of a renowned ace who values military gains over the lives of those under his command. The first volume was released in July 2023, while a second volume was released in December.

Securing the win for the bunkobon category is romantic comedy Class de 2-banme ni Kawaii Onnanoko to Tomodachi ni Natta — an anime adaptation of this was announced last September. The KADOKAWA Sneaker Bunko title by Takata (who originally published the story as a web novel on Kakuyomu) is about high school student Maehara Maki and his only friend, Asanagi, the second cutest girl in his class (Asanagi’s best friend, Amami, happens to be the cutest). 

Class de 2-banme ni Kawaii Onnanoko to Tomodachi ni Natta‘s first volume came out in 2021, and there are five volumes as of November 2023. Tom Osabe illustrated Volume 1, with the rest being handled by Azuri Hyuuga. There is a manga adaptation by Rin Ono.

The top 10 results of Tsugi ni Kuru Light Novel Taisho 2023’s tankoubon and bunkobon categories are as follows:


1) TS Eiseihei-san no Senjou Nikki (written by Tama Masaki and illustrated by Kureta, published by KADOKAWA)

2) Bastard Swordman (written by James Richman and illustrated by Daichi Matsuse, published by KADOKAWA)

3) Aisanai to Iwaremashitemo ~Moto Maou no Hakushaku Reijo wa Namamajime Gunjin ni Ezuke wo Sarete Shiawase ni Naru (written by Mugi Mameta and illustrated by Nagisa Hanazome, published under Futabasha’s M Novels F label)

4) Botsuraku Hakushaku Reijo wa Kazoku wo Yashinaitai (written by Niu Mikota and illustrated by Shiina Satsuki, published under TO Books’ Celica Novels label)

5) Arasa ga VTuber ni Natta Hanashi (written by Kumei and illustrated by KarasuBTK, published by KADOKAWA)

Isekai ni Kita kedo, Seikatsu Mahou Shika Tsukaemasen (written by Rika and illustrated by HIROKAZU, published under Mag Garden Novels label)

7) Majutsushi Kunon wa Mieteiru (written by Umikaze Minamino and illustrated by Laruha, published under KADOKAWA Books label)

8) Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau (written by Torutonen and illustrated by taro, published under Kodansha’s K Ranobe Books label)

9) Tefuda ga Oome no Victoria (written by Shuu and illustrated by Komo Ushino, published under KADOKAWA’s MF Books label)

10) Ken to Mahou to Gakureki Shakai (written by Mao Nishiura and illustrated by Maro, published under KADOKAWA Books label) 


1) Class de 2-banme ni Kawaii Onnanoko to Tomodachi ni Natta (written by Takata and illustrated by Azuri Hyuuga, published under KADOKAWA Sneaker Bunko label)

2) Maou to Yuusha no Tatakai no Ura de ~Game Sekai ni Tenseishita kedo Yuujin no Yuusha ga Maou Toubatsu ni Tabidatta ato no Kokunai Orusuban (Naisei to Boueisen) ga Ore no Shigoto desu~ (written by Yuuki Suzuki and illustrated by Sanshouuo, published under Overlap Bunko label)

3) Virgin Knight Who Is The Frontier Lord in the Gender Switched World (written by Michizou and illustrated by Meron22, published under Overlap Bunko label)

4) Dare ga Yuusha wo Koroshitaka (written by Daken and illustrated by toi8, published under KADOKAWA Sneaker Bunko label)

5) Majou to Yohei (written by Kaeru Chouhoukiteki and illustrated by Bench Kanase, published under GCN Bunko label)

6) Bonjin Tansakusha no Tanoshii Gendai Dungeon Life (written by Shibainu Butai and illustrated by Masahiro Suwa, published under Overlap Bunko label)

7) Dansei Kinsei Game Sekai de Ore ga Yarubeki Yuuitsu no Koto (written by Ryou Hazakura and illustrated by hai, published under KADOKAWA’s MF Bunko J label)

8) Shuu ni Ichido Classmate wo Kau Hanashi (written by Usa Haneda and illustrated by U35, published under KADOKAWA’s Fujimi Fantasia Bunko label)

9) Zenryoku Kaihi Flag-chan! (written by Senji Ichinichi and illustrated by Bote Satou, published under KADOKAWA’s MF Bunko J label)

10) [Tied] Shibou Yuugi de Meshi wo Kuu (written by Yuuji Ukai and illustrated by Metaru Neko, published under KADOKAWA’s MF Bunko J label) and Chiisana Kimi to, Koe wo Tooku (written by Tsukasa and illustrated by Shiratama, published under Kodansha Ranobe Bunko label)

Source: @kimi_rano

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