Sword Art Online Alternative Season 2 Locks On To 2024 Premiere Date, Releases Character Visual

©2023 時雨沢恵一/KADOKAWA/GGO2 Project

The second season of the Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online anime will begin broadcasting in Japan this year. A character visual for the show has also been released.

Additionally, it was confirmed that Youko Hikasa, Kazuyuki Okitsu, and Chinatsu Akasaki will be reprising their roles as Pitohui, M, and Fukaziroh, respectively. Tomori Kusunoki‘s return as main heroine LLENN was revealed with the new season’s announcement last July.

©2023 時雨沢恵一/KADOKAWA/GGO2 Project

Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online is an adaptation of the Dengeki Bunko light novel series written by Kino’s Journey‘s Keiichi Shigusawa and illustrated by Kouhaku Kuroboshi. The first season was released in 2018.

The books began in 2014 and have 13 tankoubon volumes as of March 2023. They have also inspired a manga adaptation illustrated by Tadachi Tamori. Yen Press describes Volume 1 as:

Karen Kohiruimaki is a college student who stands at an imposing six feet. While her complex about her height makes it hard for her to make friends in the real world, the VRMMO Gun Gale Online changes everything. Now equipped with her ideal “mini” avatar and clad in a pink battle suit, Karen is ready to shoot up the world of GGO as Llenn! Before long, she meets the beautiful Pitohui, and the two rare female players become fast friends. Little does Llenn know that this friendship is the key to her entry in the first-ever Squad Jam, a team-based battle royale that echoes the famous Bullet of Bullets tournament…

Staff (returning)

• Director: Masayuki Sakoi as director
• Series composer and scriptwriter: Yousuke Kuroda
• Character designer: Yoshio Kozakai
• Animation production: Studio 3Hz 

Source: @ggo_anime

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