The New Gate Reveals Trailer and April Premiere

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An April premiere has been revealed for The New Gate anime adaptation. There’s also a trailer and some new cast announcements.

The additional cast members are Shunya Hiruma as Wilhelm Avis, Akiho Suzumoto as Millie, and Kaori Ishihara as Rashia Luzel.

The New Gate is based on the Alphapolis-published light novels written by Shinogi Kazanami. One Peace Books describes the manga adaptation by Yoshiyuki Miwa as:

THE NEW GATE―an online game transformed into a life-and-death struggle for its players. Thanks to the valiant efforts of Shin, the most powerful of them all, an end to the game and freedom for everyone seemed within reach. But just moments after Shin defeats the game’s final boss, he finds himself bathed in an unknown light and transported some 500 years into the future of the in-game world. Thrown from a simple game gone wrong into a strange new land, one young swordsman of unrivalled strength is about to embark on a legendary journey!

The light novels debuted in 2013 and are are 22 volumes as of November 2023. The current illustrator is Akira BanpaiMakai no Jumin illustrated the first nine volumes while KeG took over for Volumes 10 and 11.


• Director: Tamaki Nakatsu (Eyeshield 21: Maboroshi no Golden Bowl)
• Series composer: Hiroki Uchida (I’m Giving the Disgraced Noble Lady I Rescued a Crash Course in Naughtiness)
• Character designer: Itsuki Takemoto (The Iceblade Sorcerer Shall Rule the World co-sub character designer)
• Music composer: Yuuya Mori (Kotaro Lives Alone)
• Music composer: Misaki Tsuchida
• Music composer: Tsugumi Tanaka

• Animation production: Yokohama Animation Lab and Cloud Hearts 


Kenshou Ono as Shin
Asami Seto as Schnee Raizar
• Kaede Hondo as Tiera Lucent

Source: @thenewgateanime

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