McDonald’s Teases Original Anime Collaboration with Studio Pierrot on February 26

mcdonald's anime key visual feature image
© McDonald’s

Earlier this week, McDonald’s teased an original anime project in collaboration with Studio Pierrot by releasing a short 15-second trailer. Now, they have released a new key visual featuring a cast of original anime-inspired characters. 

The limited time collaboration officially launches on February 26, 2024 in more than 30 international markets. McDonald’s Canada, meanwhile, lists the full collaboration as starting on February 27, 2024. 

mcdonald's anime key visual
© McDonald’s

The collaboration includes the release of a series of four animated shorts in the action, romance, mecha, and fantasy genres. Each title of a short and a plot description is listed below: 

  • • The Race to WcDonald’s: A rivalry strong enough to withstand the test of time as our two heroes embark on an epic race to WcDonald’s.
  • • Love from Across the Booth: Our two protagonists discover the WcDonald’s Sauce and WcNuggets aren’t the only perfect pairing. 
  • • WcNuggets Space Frontier 3000: A team of WcDonald’s pilots must protect the last WcNugget against an ominous force.
  • • The Wisdom of the Sauce: Three women are transported to a distant land to unravel the mystery surrounding the elusive sauce before it’s gone forever.

The company partnered with Japanese manga artist Acky Bright to design the manga-inspired packaging and takeout bags that will be used for the collaboration. Additionally, McDonald’s is playing into the “WcDonald’s” branding that is often used in several anime series, parodying the fast food chain.

The newly released visual also teases a new McNugget sauce that will be released for the collaboration, which will have a savory chili flavor. 

mcdonald's anime mcnugget packaging visual
© CNW Group/McDonald’s Canada

McDonald’s Japanese franchise has already partnered with numerous anime and gaming series, with the most recent titles being Pokémon and Fate/Grand Order. It also released a viral 6-part anime advertisement series last year, featuring the art of Urachan

On the American side, Sadao Maou from The Devil is a Part-Timer! made a brief cameo in an ad campaign for McDonald’s As Featured In meal last year. 

Source: McDonald’s Official Twitter, Daily Hive, News Wire

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