Anna Yamada and Rem Swap Outfits in BokuYaba x ReZero Collaboration Visual

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The Dangers in My Heart‘s Anna Yamada and Re: Zero‘s famous blue-haired Oni maid Rem have teamed up in a new collaboration visual between their respective anime adaptations. In the visual, Anna is decked out in Rem’s maid oufit while Rem wears Anna’s school uniform.

There’s also a mini-drama, which unfortunately lacks English subtitles. In the drama, Kyotaro Ichikawa and Anna run into Rem while out and about in Ikebukuro. Kyotaro is well aware of the Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World series — Anna also mentions that he uses Rem as his Line profile picture — and believes that this Rem is a cosplayer. 


Halfway through the drama, Anna puts on Rem’s spare maid uniform, causing Kyotaro to let out a cry at the sight. Later, Kyotaro asks Rem to call him by his first name. She acquiesces, causing Kyotaro to yelp again, but his joy is short-lived when a pouting Anna leaves him behind.

The Dangers in My Heart Season 2 is currently airing as part of the Winter 2024 anime season and is constantly topping the Anime Trending charts. Meanwhile, Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World- has a third season on the way, although no release date has been announced yet. 

Source: @bokuyaba_anime

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