MediaOCD Acquires AnimEigo Home Video Company

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MediaOCD and AnimEigo jointly announced this week that AnimEigo’s video distribution business will be fully acquired by MediaOCD. The acquisition involves the transfer of AnimEigo’s mass-market video distribution operations in the next few months, moving under MediaOCD’s Whole Grain Pictures home video label.  

AnimEigo’s home video releases will still be available at several retailers through MVD Entertainment Group, who will also continue distributing AnimEigo’s digital releases. AnimEigo’s current and future limited-edition crowdfunded releases will also remain under the AnimEigo brand.

An updated logo reflecting the brands of both companies was posted on MediaOCD’s Twitter account. 

AnimEigo founders Robert Woodhead and Natsumi Ueki will continue to manage the company’s Kickstarter projects, ensuring all goods are delivered and the releases are fully supported. They will also assist in the transfer process to MediaOCD. 

In a short statement provided to Anime News Network, MediaOCD CEO Justin Sevakis (who also founded ANN in 1998) said about the acquisition:

I am beyond excited to continue the legacy of AnimEigo … I grew up withAnimEigo VHS tapes, and preserving both the brand and its philosophy is of utmost importance to me. The entire MediaOCD team is dedicated to bringing the AnimEigo touch to a whole new generation of anime fans.

Sevakis also provided a longer formal statement on his Twitter account. 

Robert Woodhead also provided a short statement on the acquisition, saying: 

We believe Justin is the right person to continue the AnimEigo tradition of quality and fan support. We look forward to helping him with this transition over the next few years. We can’t wait to see what new paths his fresh perspective will lead him to explore. 

AnimEigo was founded by Robert Woodhead and Roe R. Adams III in 1988. It is one of the oldest remaining anime distributors in the United States, releasing many iconic anime titles in North America such as Urusei Yatsura, Bubblegum Crisis, Otaku no Video, You’re Under Arrest, Oh My Goddess!, and Kimagure Orange Road, among many other works.

Justin Sevakis established MediaOCD in 2012. The American video post-production company is known for its boutique, high quality film restoration and production of digital cinema and Blu-ray discs. MediaOCD has been heavily involved in the production of many Discotek Media releases, as well as working with Anime Limited, NIS America, and Eleven Arts. The company recently launched its Whole Grain Pictures indie film label in January 2024.

Source: Anime News Network, Crunchyroll News

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