Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Look Back Is Getting an Anime Movie This June

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An anime movie based on the Look Back one-shot from Chainsaw Man‘s Tatsuki Fujimoto has been announced with a June 28 Japanese release date. Kiyotaka Oshiyama, the director of Flip Flappers and devil designer for the Chainsaw Man anime, is attached as director, scriptwriter, and character designer.

Studio Durian (Oshiyama is its representative director) is the animation production company. A teaser visual and trailer have been released.

In a message on the anime’s website, Fujimoto described Look Back as something he created in an attempt to forcibly understand something within him that he could not comprehend. He added that Oshiyama was a “monster animator” that all anime otaku would know of, and that as one of those otaku, he was looking forward to seeing the adaptation.

Look Back was released in July of 2021. Manga Plus describes the premise as:

Fujino is a fourth grader who draws a manga strip for the school newspaper. Her art makes her the star of the class, but one day she’s told that Kyomoto, a student who refuses to come to school, would also like to submit a manga for the paper…

© 藤本タツキ/集英社 © 2024「ルックバック」製作委員会

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