Game Beauty Announces Limited Edition Attack on Titan Makeup Collection

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Game Beauty has announced the release of its new limited-edition Attack on Titan makeup collection, in partnership with Kodansha. The collection is described as “volume one” by the company. 

The Attack on Titan makeup collection is now available to pre-order until March 7, 2024. It features vibrant and colorful quads, resembling the three iconic wall emblems, as well as natural-toned lip glosses inspired by the anime’s four main characters.

Fans can choose their favorite allegiance by painting their skin with three eyeshadow quads inspired by the iconic wall emblems: the hoping heart of Wall Maria, the chained choices of Wall Rose, and the wishing wonders of Wall Sina. Each palette offers a set of matching shades to channel the spirit of the walls, from bright yellows and peaches to cool blues and greens. 

Also included in the collection are four natural-toned lip glosses that capture the essence of Eren’s unwavering courage in a brick red, Mikasa’s fierce loyalty in a fiery red, Levi’s icy precision in an almond pink with silver shimmers, and Armin’s strategic brilliance in a peachy shade with golden shimmers. 

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Game Beauty previously collaborated with SEGA and ATLUS’ Persona 5 Royal RPG series, which has almost sold out of its items in its collection. 

Game Beauty is a U.S. based, female-owned indie beauty brand that bridges the world of makeup and video games through high-quality, cruelty-free makeup products. Their products are heavily inspired by elements, characters, and sceneries from the video game and anime world. 


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More information about the Attack on Titan makeup collection can be found in the company’s official press release, as well as their main website, Instagram, and TikTok.  

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