1st Season of Skip and Loafer Will Be Streamed for Free on YouTube for Noto Earthquake Charity Fund

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The production committee for the Skip and Loafer TV anime series announced that it will stream the anime’s entire first season for free on the FullAnimeTV YouTube channel to raise funds for victims of the 2024 Noto Earthquake in Japan.

The first season episodes will be streaming for only a limited time, beginning midnight in Japan on February 3, 2024 to February 4, 2024. 

The Noto Peninsula in the Ishikawa Prefecture was hit by a 7.6 magnitude earthquake earlier this past January, destroying many homes and disrupting the lives of many citizens in the area. The hometown of heroine Mitsumi Iwakura is based on Suzu City, which is situated in the Ishikawa prefecture peninsula that was affected by the quake. 

Skip and Loafer manga creator Misaki Takamatsu and anime character designer Manami Umeshita shared new illustrations of Mitsumi to promote the charity stream. 

Many other anime staff members offered their words of support in promoting the charity livestream, including voice actors Megumi Han, Yuka Terasaki, and Ayumu Murase, who voice Makoto Kurume, Mika Egashira, and Kento Yamada. 

Additionally, Skip and Loafer opening and ending theme artists Keina Suda and Rikako Aida also provided words of support and encouragement. 

The 12-episode Skip and Loafer anime from P.A. Works aired from April 4, 2023 to June 20, 2023. Crunchyroll is streaming the show outside of Japan and describes the synopsis as: 

Iwakura Mitsumi graduated from a small middle school in the countryside and entered a top-tier high school in Tokyo at the head of the class. This child prodigy, who moved to Tokyo alone with a perfect life plan, is smart and gets good grades… but her social understanding isn’t quite on the same wavelength as others. This means that she sometimes makes mistakes, but her easygoing nature sways her classmates little by little, and all their different personalities are coming together before they know it. They meet and gradually come to know each other, and before long they understand each other well. Everyone experiences pent-up feelings and frustrations, but it is our friends who give us a chance at mutual understanding. This story may start out with some discord, but it becomes a happy school-life comedy before you know it!

Source: Skip and Loafer Official Twitter, IGN

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