Zenless Zone Zero Announces PS5 Version

Image source: Zenless Zone Zero YouTube channel

Hoyoverse‘s upcoming action RPG Zenless Zone Zero has a PlayStation 5 version in development. The news was revealed during the first State of Play of the year with a dubstep-filled announcement video.

The announcement of the PS5 version didn’t come with a release date or window. The game is currently set to launch on PC, Android, and iOS sometime this year. Zenless Zone Zero has been running “Tuning Tests” since 2022.

Zenless Zone Zero is set in a post-apocalyptic setting where players, as so-called Proxies, take on “apocalyptic-level” threats called Hollows and the Ethereal mutant creatures that spawn from them. As Hoyoverse explains:

Distinguished Proxy,

This is a dangerous world under constant threat from the mysterious calamities known as the “Hollows”, where the old civilization has been destroyed and world order lays in ruins. Fortunately, one city is still capable of dealing with the calamities: New Eridu.

A diverse group of people, each with their various reasons and beliefs gather here to challenge the Hollows.

And you, are their indispensable accomplice who guides them out of the Hollows, their “Proxy”.

This is your story.

The playable characters of Zenless Zone Zero range from maid-costumed fighters to a two-tailed cat girl and an anthropomorphic bear called Ben Bigger. They are grouped into several factions, like Victoria Housekeeping Co. and Belobog Heavy Industries.

Source: Zenless Zone Zero YouTube channel

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