Fate/Stay Night Remastered Visual Novel Launches in English for Nintendo Switch & Steam in 2024

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Aniplex of America announced that a remastered version of the Fate/Stay Night visual novel will be released on the Nintendo Switch and Steam for the first time in English in 2024. A teaser trailer of the new English version was also been released. 

The remastered visual novel for the long-running fantasy franchise is based on the PlayStation Vita game Fate/stay night Réalta Nua and is available in both English and simplified Chinese. Réalta Nua is an all-ages version of the visual novel that has slight differences from the original game and an extra section titled “Last Episode.”

An official Twitter account and website have been created for the remastered visual novel, where more information about its release can be found.  

Fate/Stay Night recently commemorated its 20th anniversary since its initial release in Japan from developer TYPE-MOON on January 30, 2004. The four main voice actors for the series were recently featured in a Twitter post to celebrate the occasion. 

The visual novel has since been released on several platforms, including the PS2 in 2007, PS Vita in 2012, and iOS and Android devices in 2015. 

The game has also inspired a 24-episode TV anime adaptation in 2006 from Studio Deen, as well as anime adaptations based on the “Unlimited Blade Works” and “Heaven’s Feel” story routes. The series has since expanded to a successful franchise that includes several anime films, OVAs, spinoffs, a prequel series, sequels, manga, light novels, and many more.  

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Sentai Filmworks is streaming the 2006 Fate/Stay Night anime series on its HIDIVE service, which describes the show as: 

The sorcerer Kiritsugu Emiya adopted Shirou Emiya. Although Shirou yearns to be an ally of justice, he has limited power and unable to become a strong sorcerer…until he is drawn into the Holy Grail War and summons a female “Servant” known as Saber.

Besides Fate/Stay Night, Type-Moon’s English release of Tsukihime will be released sometime this coming Summer 2024. Witch on the Holy Night was released in English worldwide on the Nintendo Switch and PS4 on December 8, 2022, while the PC version was released in 2023. 

Source: Aniplex of America Official Twitter, TYPE-MOON Games YouTube Channel

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