FIRST STAGE PRODUCTION’s 1st English VTubers To Debut on January 27

VTuber agency FIRST STAGE PRODUCTION will debut Avallum, its first “English-speaker-oriented male VTuber group,” on January 27 starting at 6 PM PST (January 28 at 11 AM JST).

This first generation consists of five members: Rosco Graves (designed by Shinotarou), Zander Netherbrand (designed by Namakawa), Lucien Lunaris (designed by Kemuri Inutsuki), Gale Galleon (designed by Kokokanata), and Cassian Floros (designed by Shiro Yamada). Their debut streams will be made in the following order:

Gale Galleon: January 27 at 6 PM PST
Cassian Floros:  January 27 at 6:30 PM PST
Lucien Lunaris: January 27 at 7 PM PST
Zander Netherbrand: January 27 at 7:30 PM PST
Rosco Graves: January 27 at 8 PM PST

Additionally, it was announced that auditions for the next wave of EN talents will begin sometime this spring. The auditions for this first generation were carried out in July 2023.

FIRST STAGE PRODUCTION, which is ran by REALITY Studios, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Japanese smartphone game company GREE, currently has 13 Japanese talents. The agency debuted its first seven VTubers in March 2023.

Source: Press release

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