Ikuyo Kita Steals the Spotlight in Latest Bocchi the Rock! Compilation Film Visual

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A new teaser visual has been released for the upcoming Bocchi the Rock! theatrical compilation film, highlighting the fourth and final member of Kessoku Band, Ikuyo Kita. 

The two-part compilation film will premiere in Japan with the first part “Re:” in Spring 2024 and the second part “Re:Re:” in Summer 2024. 

bocchi the rock compilation film ikuyo kita visual
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The Bocchi the Rock! TV anime series premiered in October 2022 and ended with 12 episodes. Crunchyroll streamed the anime outside of Japan. 

The production staff consisted of Keiichirou Saitou (ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept. – Regards co-director, Sonny Boy episode director et al.) as director, Erika Yoshida (Artiswitch, Tower of God) as series screenwriter and scriptwriter, and Kerorira (Wonder Egg Priority animation weapon design, animation director et al.; CHARMS!! 1st ANIMATION PV director and character designer) as character designer. CloverWorks handled the animation production for the series. 

Other staff members include Yuusuke Yamamoto (OSHI NO KO opening director, My Senpai is Annoying ending director) as assistant director, Yuusuke Kawakami (Wonder Egg Priority action director) as live performance director, and Tomoki Kikuya (Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World) as music composer.

Meanwhile, the anime’s voice cast includes: 

  • • Yoshino Aoyama as Hitori
  • • Sayumi Suzushiro as Nijika
  • • Saku Mizuno as Ryo Yamada
  • • Ikumi Hasegawa as Ikuyo Kita

The anime is based on the 4-koma manga by Aki Hamaji, which is serialized in Houbunsha’s Manga Time Kirara MAX magazine. It began on December 19, 2017 and has released six tankoubon volumes as of August 2023. A spin-off about the supporting character Kikuri Hiroi was launched in July 2023. 

bocchi the rock compilation film visual
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Yen Press releases the manga in English and describes the story as: 

Hitori Gotoh just wants to be popular, but the thought of interacting with her classmates makes her fall to pieces. Her solution-become a rock legend so cool that people approach her instead! However, while spending all of middle school in her closet shredding on the guitar may have earned her anonymous internet fame, it did nothing for her social skills. Now a high schooler, Hitori’s feeling ready to shrivel up and die-when she gets a sudden request to fill in for a band! It’s like her wish came true-but does this most anxious of introverts have what it takes to perform in front of a live audience?!

Source: Bocchi the Rock! Official Anime Twitter

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