Animate International Reveals 8 New BL Manga Licenses

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Animate International revealed eight new Boys-Love manga licenses during a Zoom panel earlier this week. All of the new licenses are set to be released on digital platforms throughout 2024. Print versions of the titles will not be released at this time. 

The company also announced that they have licensed continuations to the following series, which will also be released in 2024:

  • Cosmetic Playlover Volumes 5, 6, and 7 by Sachi Narashima
  • Lala’s Married Life Volume 6 by Tameko
  • Mask Danshi: This Shouldn’t Lead to Love Volume 4 by Mitsuru Sangou
  • Tashiro-kun, Why’re You Like This? Volume 4 by Yamada

Print versions of Living With Him by Toworu Miyata and the first volume of Mask Danshi: This Shouldn’t Lead to Love by Mitsuru Sangou are also scheduled to be released in 2024. Living With Him will be Animate International’s first print release.

Here are the details for the newly licensed BL manga titles from Animate International, which can also be found on the company’s Twitter account

Stray Cat’s Dinner 

stray cat's dinner manga japanese volume one cover
© Kure

Original title: Noraneko no Shokutaku

Story and Art: Kure 


On his way home from work one day, Shiota, a hard-working businessman, stumbles upon a stranger who’s about to pass out from hunger. Surprisingly, the man happens to be a co-worker from a previous part-time job, Suzuya! Unable to just leave his acquaintance be, Shiota puts his years of cooking for himself to good use and whips up a few dishes to share. Although Suzuya leaves satisfied that night, he starts to make a habit of showing up to Shiota’s place whenever he’s in search of a good meal. Shiota should hate having to feed Suzuya whenever he shows up, but he’s actually finding himself getting quite attached to this stray cat that has entered his life…

That Time I Got Reincarnated in a BL Manga

that time i got reincarnated in a bl manga japanese volume one cover
© Maria

Original title: Tensei Shitara BL Manga Datta Ken

Story and Art: Maria 


After getting stabbed on the bus, the manga artist Tetsuo Tanaka finds that he has been reincarnated… into the BL manga he created?! Although he quickly runs into the sexually adventurous love interest Takumi, Tetsuo has unfortunately been reincarnated as Atsushi, the promiscuous rival to the canon seme. Will he be able to rewrite the plot and find a happy ending with the man of his dreams? Even if he can’t, there’s sure to be plenty of “fun” along the way!

Dear My Killer Tune 

dear my killer tune japanese manga volume one cover
© Iyada

Story and Art: Iyada


Hairdresser Hirotaka Masaki is a huge fan of Reiichi Himemiya, the guitarist of the superstar rock band The Lazy Rats. He’s content just being a fan of the group, and has been following them for years. But when Reiichi turns up at Hirotaka’s salon one day, the line between fan and celebrity starts to blur…

Countdown to Yes 

countdown to yes manga japanese volume one cover
© Roji

Original title: Shinyuu no “Doukyo shite” ni “Un” te Iu Made

Story and Art: Roji 


Meet Minato, a man who keeps his feelings to himself, and Wataru, someone who wears his heart on his sleeve. Despite being polar opposites, their shared love of photography brings them together, and they get along so well that they move in together during their university days. It’s only when Minato moves out to join the workforce that Wataru realizes he has romantic feelings for his long-time friend. But now that Minato’s back in town, will they become something more?

Love and the Highly Sensitive Person 

love and the highly sensitive person japanese volume one cover
© Chimi Sarukawa

Original title: Sensai-san wo Suki ni Naru

Story and Art: Chimi Sarukawa 


Yukinaga is a Highly Sensitive Person. He feels stress very acutely when in high-pressure situations, and is quite particular about the tools he uses for his work as a hairdresser.

When a coworker suggests that Yukinaga sends his scissors to the tool sharpener Tetsuomi, he finds that this master’s work is like none other. But when he decides to pay Tetsuomi a visit to thank him in person, the craftsman is rougher around the edges than he expected…

100dB Pouring into You (Volume 1) 

100dB Pouring into You japanese volume one cover
© Toworu Miyata

Original title: Kimi ni Sosogu 100dB

Story and Art: Toworu Miyata 


High school student Kanata Hanamaki spends his peaceful yet slightly dull days listening to Haito, an utaite whose music he truly admires. But two mysterious things happen one after the other – Haito stops uploading music and transfer student Takahiro Utagawa from Tokyo comes in the middle of the school year. When Takahiro overhears Kanata playing one of Haito’s songs on the piano, he can’t help but sing along and reveal a voice that is very familiar to Kanata…!

Loveless Momentum 

loveless momentum japanese volume one cover
© Zeniko Sumiya

Original title: Koi Dekinai no wa Kimi no sei

Story and Art: Zeniko Sumiya 

A spin-off story of Breathless Momentum. 


Reiichi Miyoshi is a professional musician and a total playboy. He’ll sleep with anyone (who fits his criteria), but he is adamant that he will never have a long-term partner. Enter Sara Aogiri, a man with a penchant for dressing in women’s clothing who is determined to steal Miyoshi’s heart. Let the games begin!

Breathless Momentum: Super Pink (Bonus Story)

breathless momentum superpink japanese volume one cover
© Zeniko Sumiya

Original title: Iki Dekinai no wa Kimi no Sei: SUPER PINK

Story and Art: Zeniko Sumiya


See what Yano and Shizuki get up to between the sheets in the Breathless Momentum doujinshi from Zeniko Sumiya, the creator behind the original series!

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