Houshou Marine Has Passed 3 Million YouTube Subscribers

Image source: @hololivetv

Hololive’s Houshou Marine recently passed three million YouTube subscribers during a singing endurance stream on January 10 JST. The Japanese VTuber started the stream with 299,124,000 subscribers and hit three million just under 21 minutes, while singing her 2023 original song “Bishoujyo Muzai♡Pirates.” 

“I’ll do my best this year too,” an emotional Marine said, before recovering her composure a moment later to sing “I’m Your Treasure Box.” 

Marine is the second Japanese VTuber to hit the three million milestone after Kizuna Ai, the first VTuber, whose main A.I.Channel achieved three million subscribers (her A.I.Games channel has 1.41 million ) in 2021. Marine has 3.01 million subscribers at the time of writing, making her the most-subscribed Japanese VTuber on YouTube and the second most-subscribed after Hololive English’s Gawr Gura, who has 4.42 million.

In light of her new subscriber count, Marine wrote on X (formerly Twitter) that her self-developed RPG The Second World will be distributed as previously promised (a concrete date has not yet been revealed). The VTuber started work on the game during her school days and humorously views it as part of her “dark past.”

Marine debuted in 2019 as part of Hololive Fantasy, the third generation of Hololive’s main Japanese branch, with a character design produced by illustrator Akasa Ai. Her subscriber count hit one million in January 2021 and two million in August 2022. Voice actors Marina Inoue and Misato Fukuen are among her fans.

Aside from Gura, Marine, and Ai, the top five most-subscribed VTubers on YouTube at the moment are American VTuber filian (2.43 million) and Marine’s fellow third-gen mate Usada Pekora (2.41 million).

Source: @hololivetv

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