Isekai Onsen Paradise Short Anime Releases Trailer


An official trailer has been released for the Isekai Onsen Paradise short anime, which begins airing in Japan on January 11 (effectively January 12 at 1 AM JST). 

Isekai Onsen Paradise (Meitou “Isekai no Yu” Kaitaku-ki) is based on the HJ Novels light novels written by Konao Menrui and illustrated by yoshitake. The plot follows a man who tries to popularize the hot springs of the world he finds himself reincarnated in, as its elves view them as cursed springs. The first volume was released in 2021, while the third and latest volume was released in 2022. The series has inspired a manga adaptation by Masahito Sasaki

A “yugenashi” (no steam) version will be streamed on AnimeFesta.


• Director: Tomonori Mine (director of Tenpuru Episode 2 and My Rainy Protocol Episode 10)
• Character designer: Minori Homura (My Rainy Protocol Episode 2 co-chief animation director)
• Series composer and scriptwriter: Youhei Kashii
• Animation production: BloomZ and Wolfsbane
• Production assistance: Gekkou


Shouhei Tokiwa as Kouzou Yukawa
Marie Miyake as Mayudama
Ria Koito (the voice actor alias of VTuber Mikeneko) as Lilium
• VTuber Kyoko Kuramochi as Ohendek
Akari Miyazaki as Ruirui
Mariko Miyase as Komachi

Source: Comic Natalie

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