ABLAZE To Release Osamu Tezuka’s Tomorrow The Birds on April 10

In February, publisher ABLAZE announced that it had licensed a number of Osamu Tezuka manga for publication in English. One of these titles was Tomorrow The Birds, which was listed with a Q2 2024 release window at the time. ABLAZE has now revealed its exact date of release: April 10.

ABLAZE also released an advance solicitation for the 324-page anthology:

A fatal fire in the countryside escalates into incineration of cities by swarms of pyromaniac magpies. An avian leader with psychic power demands a brutal reduction in the human population. Homo sapiens descends into a subservient role but manages to land some counterpunches. The birds’ quest for equality is derailed by conflict between carnivorous species and those that eat insects. What jump-started the wild leap in ornithological evolution? What will be the fate of humans?

Tomorrow The Birds (Choujin Taikei), which has the English title of Rise of the Birdmen on the Osamu Tezuka website, is a collection of sci-fi shorts that were originally serialized between 1971 and 1975 in Hayakawa Publishing Corporation’s SF Magazine. These shorts depict an Earth in which birds have become the dominant species. 

Tomorrow The Birds will have a suggested retail price of US$14.99.

Source: Press release

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