Kurayukaba, Kuramerukagari Anime Movies Set For April 2024 Release


The Kurayukaba anime movie, which released a teaser trailer back in 2018, will finally premiere in Japanese theaters on April 12, 2024. Furthermore, it will be released simultaneously with Kuramerukagari, another movie from the same director, Shigeyoshi Tsukahara (O-Maga Parade, Tokyo Fantasy SEKAI NO OWARI animation director).

Kurayukaba is a “steam punk fantasy” which follows the detective Sotaro as he investigates mysterious mass disappearances, his search for clues taking him to the underbelly of the city, Kuragari. The film won the gold prize at this year’s 27th Fantasia International Film Festival in the Best Animated Feature category. The opening 15 minutes were first released in 2021 following two crowdfunding campaigns.

Kuramerukagari, which has Durarara and Fate/strange Fake author Ryougo Narita as scenario draft writer, follows the cartographer Kagari and the boy Yuya, who dreams of leaving their city of Hakoniwa. The two of them, as well as the idiosyncratic inhabitants of Hakoniwa, find themselves confronting a plot that will shake the city. 


Kurayukaba staff

• Director, scriptwriter, creator: Shigeyoshi Tsukahara
• Character designer: Kazunori Minagawa (Macross Delta Zettai Live!!! co-sub character designer)
• Special effects director: maxcaffy 
• Art director: Kentarou Oonuki (Fate/strange Fake Whispers of Dawn co-art director)
• Music composer: Chota Akatsuki
• Animation production: Team OneOne

Kurayukaba cast

Kanda Hakuzan as Sotaro
Tomoyo Kurosawa as Tanne
Yuu Serizawa
Setsuji Satou
Shou Karino
Raikou Sakamoto

Kuramerukagari staff

• Director, scriptwriter, creator: Shigeyoshi Tsukahara
• Scenario draft writer: Ryougo Narita
• Animation production: Team OneOne

Kuramerukagari cast

Ayane Sakura as Kagari

Sources: Press release, Comic Natalie

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