My Happy Marriage Releases Key Visual for Upcoming Exhibition

KADOKAWA has released a key visual for the upcoming My Happy Marriage anime exhibition, which will be held between January 5 and 23, 2024 at Matsuya Ginza’s event square. 

New information regarding the exhibition was revealed as well. There will be four exhibits that are meant to allow visitors to re-experience key moments from the anime. One of these recreates Miyo and Kiyoka’s first meeting, while another will combine physical items, video, and surround audio in an attempt to create an immersive experience tied to some heart rate-increasing Miyo x Kiyoka moments. 

There will also be a space decorated with sakura post-its posted by visitors (who are meant to write their impressions of the exhibition in them), an exhibit of certain scenes from the anime with comments from the production team, a corner for shikishi and messages from the light novels’ author and manga adaptation’s artist, and a display of the stage play’s costumes.

Unsurprisingly, the My Happy Marriage exhibition will have original goods for sale, including acrylic stands, acrylic stands that come with a speaker containing recorded lines, clear files, can badges, and trading magnets. Separately, an exclusive perpetual calendar, featuring the exhibition key visual, will be bundled with some of the ticket options.

Visitors can also pay a visit to a collaboration cafe located at the MG Cafe, which will be operated throughout the exhibition’s duration.


Source: Press release

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