New Pretty Series Anime Announced for April 2024

Image source: Official PriMagi Channel

A new Pretty Series anime is set to debut in April of 2024. Silhouettes of the two main heroines of the new entry were revealed with an announcement video, with more details to be unveiled on January 26.

The Pretty Series is a multimedia franchise that originated as a kids-targeted arcade game by Takara Tomy A.R.T.S. and syn Sophia in 2010. Ten anime series have been released since 2011, and there are multiple anime movies as well. The franchise features a mix of music, fashion, and magic.

According to the Pretty Series Pixiv page, many of the anime entries are grouped into either the Pretty Rhythm series or the PriPara series, with one of the former’s titles also inspiring the KING OF PRISM series of spin-offs. Outside of these series are Kiratto Pri Chan, Pretty All Friends Selection, and the most recent anime title, 2021 to 2022’s Waccha PriMagi!.

Sentai Filmworks describes Waccha PriMagi! as:

Matsuri Hibino spends her days in middle school dreaming about PriMagi, the sparkling stage show that combines song, dance and fashion with actual magic. She’d love to star in the PriMagi one day, and when the spirited troublemaker Myamu appears from another, magical world to scout Matsuri as her PriMagi partner, the pair takes to the stage to become the top stars of PriMagi hand in hand!

Waccha PriMagi! celebrates the 10th anniversary of TAKARA TOMY A.R.T.S and syn Sophia’s Pretty Series franchise, which has dazzled audiences with its emphasis on music, dance and fashion since 2010. 

Source: Official PriMagi Channel

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