Symphogear Movie Announced

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The Symphogear (Senki Zesshou Symphogear) project announced in November 2022 will be titled PROJECT SYMPHOGEAR -next-. Aside from the project name, it was revealed that there will be a Symphogear movie as well as music-related plans.

More details will come at a future date.

The Symphogear anime started in 2012 and ran for five seasons until 2019. The Satelight-produced sci-fi action series, which has also inspired manga and live events, features a combination of over-the-top action, mid-combat singing, and magical girl-like transformations. Elements Garden’s Noriyasu Agematsu and game creator Akifumi Kaneko are credited with its creation.

The fifth season, Symphogear XV, was directed by Katsumi Ono with Akifumi Kaneko as series composer, Dan Yoshii as original character designer, Satoru Fujimoto as character designer and chief animation director, Fumiaki Kouta as assistant director and Alca-noise designer, Yousuke Kabashima and Tokiemon Futsuzawa as chief animation directors, Taiga Hiroyuki and Tomohiro Kawahara as mechanical designers, and Elements Garden as music composer. 

Yukiyoshi ShikijiToshihara SugieYoshiki Nakakouji, and Hiroyuki Takashima were XV‘s action directors while Yoshiyuki OhkuboShunta Sakamoto, and Hanyuu worked on it as main animators. 


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