North American Comic Publisher Alien Books Licenses 5 New Manga Titles

© Bingo Morihashi, Manabu Akishige/Hero’s Inc

North American comics publisher Alien Books announced last week that it is licensing five new manga titles for release throughout 2024. This is the publisher’s first foray into the manga marketplace. 

The publisher plans to expand its manga library monthly and expects to release 20 total volumes by the end of 2024.

Here are the details for the five newly licensed manga series: 

Fake Rebellion 

fake rebellion alien books visual
© Yuuchang Sasaki/Square Enix

Story and Art: Yuuchang Sasaki

Release: March 2024

Length: Two Volumes


In a nightmarish future, humans fell under the control of the Machine Empire and were ranked according to arbitrary ranks. The princess of the former Einheit empire, Hanamiya Kikuhoin, along with a devoted group of low-rank war orphans, dreams of revolution. Humanity’s last hope, the “Mortal Genesis Impulse”, will open up the path to the future!

Endroll Back

endroll back alien book svisual
© Kantetsu, Haruna Nakazato/Square Enix

Story: Kantetsu

Art: Haruna Nakazato

Release: March 2024

Length: Three Volumes


After Yuuka’s suicide, her brother Asaharu is desperate for answers… and his guardian angel want’s to help. This divine intervention may be closer to a deal with the Devil, though… “You have to kill Yuuka’s killer” she says. “If you do that, I’ll bring her back to life.” Is he willing to bet his own life for a chance to save his sister? He may not like the answer that awaits him at the end of this twisted game!

Momo: Legendary Warrior

momo legendary warrior alien books visual
© Yuji Kobayashi, Z-ONE, Naoto Tsushima/Hero’s Inc

Story: Yuji Kobayashi

Art: Z-ONE

Composition: Naoto Tsushima

Release: April 2024

Length: Three Volumes


When Taro, a mysterious astronaut, crashes on the planet Tierrara, he finds not only an aggressive alien species, but also Momo, the legendary Warrior Goddess! Can romance spark while they fight for their survival? Whatever happened to mankind? Get ready for this sci-fi epic that showcases an alternative version of the Japanese legend of Momotaro… with a cosmic twist!

Kerberos in the Silver Rain 

kerberos in the silver rain alien books visual
© Nao Itsuki, Berry Star, Lira Aikawa/Hero’s Inc

Story: Lira Aikawa (naked ape), Nao Itsuki

Art: Berry Star

Release: April 2024

Length: Three Volumes


Release the Hellhounds! Sakuya, Leon and Goto: the Kerberos organization Omega Team has a single mission: to protect the mysterious “psi” element, the secret substance that drives the development of the entire country. But while they may be an invincible elite squad, their greatest enemy hides behind closed doors. As tension builds within the group, Sakuya’s troubled past reveals a hidden aspect of her personality that will change everything… and could put the whole world on the path to destruction!

Kinryo Rock 

kinryo rock alien books visual
© Bingo Morihashi, Manabu Akishige/Hero’s Inc

Story: Bingo Morihashi 

Art: Manabu Akishige

Release: July 2024

Length: Three Volumes + Volume Zero Prequel


Blood, sex and Rock & Roll! In this world, vampires live among humans, but coexistence is not easy. The moment they don’t follow the rules, there are special agents prepared to take them down, some with the strength of the law, and others with the power of rock!

Alien Books boasts an expensive catalog of licensed comics work from creators in the U.S., Italy, Spain, France, Japan, and Latin American countries.

Source: Alien Books Official Twitter, Anime News Network

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