Azuki Licenses Our Aimless Nights, You’re So Sloppy, Hotta-sensei & 8 More Series at Anime NYC 2023

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© Koumori

During its Anime NYC 2023 industry panel, Azuki announced 10 new manga series coming to the digital service, including two new exclusive titles translated and published by the company. 

The Azuki exclusive titles include the slow-burn teen romance Our Aimless Nights and the teacher-student comedy You’re So Sloppy, Hotta-sensei. Both series will launch in early 2024 exclusively on Azuki. 

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Azuki also added eight series and one-shots from Media Do International, MediBang!, and Star Fruit Books. All eight titles are available to read right now on Azuki’s website and mobile app.  

Here are the full details for each of Azuki’s latest manga series: 

Our Aimless Nights 

our aimless night manga volume cover
© Koumori

Story and Art: Koumori

The manga is currently serialized in Futabasha’s Web Action in Japan. It will be released on Azuki in early 2024.


Cheerful, energetic high school girl Chika and shy, reserved boy Kazuya couldn’t be more different. But they have a secret: every Wednesday after 9PM they meet outside the convenience store where Kazuya works. Bit by bit, under the light of the moon, a unique connection begins to blossom in this enchanting coming-of-age love story!

You’re So Sloppy, Hotta-sensei 

you're so sloppy hotta sensei manga volume one cover
© Mao Nakada

Story and Art: Mao Nakada

Currently serialized in Futabasha’s Manga Action magazine in Japan. It will be released on Azuki in early 2024.


Makoto Kuribayashi is your typical high schooler with a not-so-typical after-school gig as a housekeeper. His latest client? None other than his school’s most popular teacher, the gorgeous Rumiko Hotta. But Hotta-sensei is hiding a dirty little secret: she’s a total slob, the polar opposite of her flawless public image! Now, Makoto’s got the unenviable task of cleaning up after her mess. Will his admiration for Hotta-sensei survive a dose of harsh reality in this irreverent comedy?

A Devotion That Changes Worlds

a devotion that changes worlds manga volume one cover
© Mizue Odawara

Story and Art: Mizue Odawara


“All men are wolves! They’re aiming to eat girls! If I’m going to get eaten, then I’d rather get eaten by a cool wolf!!” Yoh, who believes that all men are terrible beasts, one day meets her perfectly ideal man, a working adult who goes by “Tono”. The instant they meet, Yoh decides to confess her feelings…!! Due to a past trauma, Yoh is plagued by her phobia of men and she publicly announces her hatred for the other gender. She may hate them, but at the same time, she wants to experience love. Her love itself is a contradiction, yet the two strangers began to close their distance. This is a story packed with dangerous romantic comedy centering around a double-edged love!

My Sadistic Boyfriend

my sadistic boyfriend manga volume one cover
© Momoshiro, Yuna Anisaki

Story: Momoshiro

Art: Yuna Anisaki 


Chiaki has been admitted to the high school of her dreams: the prestigious boarding school Otomegawa Academy. Through an unexpected turn of events, she ends up becoming roommates with Katsuho — grandson of the academy’s director, and prince of the school. On the surface Katsuho is attractive, academically brilliant, and kind, appearing to live up to his prince-like reputation. But when he’s alone with Chiaki, his true, sadistic personality shines through. How will Chiaki juggle her new school life while fending off the advances of this sadistic prince?

Who Wants to Play

who wants to play manga volume one cover
© Tsuyoshi Osumi

Story and Art: Tsuyoshi Osumi


Japan’s favorite child celebrity, Ena Fujie, is busy with her entertainment gig! Except for Tashiro, Ena’s clumsy manager, the adults around her have not realized that behind her cute and captivating performance, she is a very ambitious kid that calculates every move to win everyone’s heart! What kind of shenanigans will she pull out today? 


garuda manga cover
© Haguro

Story and Art: Haguro


A human can’t choose their ideal body. A memory that had been carved in the flesh would not vanish no matter how much we tried to alter it. A newcomer thus arrived in the town, bringing a gun that could swap people’s bodies. The fierce but smiling adventurer walks with a secret quest — to find the original body that was taken by his wife.

I’ll Quit Travelling…

i'll quit travelling manga cover
© Konoha Kizima

Story and Art: Konoha Kizima


A short story about a young girl who has been a traveler since birth and her wish to end her journey.

Azuki has also added three new short manga titles, which include: 

  • Immoral by Lin Yi
  • A Long Stay by VIEW
  • Split Story by Kata Katoh

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